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"A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adrenaline rush, gripping storyline, and unimaginable horrors await you. Witness the return of Resident Evil 2."
— PlayStation Store description

The script for Resident Evil 2 was written in the same manner as the original and remake of Resident Evil, in that the two player characters' stories are set in their own respective worlds distinct from their counterpart. As consequence, both Leon and Claire will defeat the same bosses, as Chris and Jill do the Yawn, but character-unique story will appear.


The game begins with a truck driver hauling oil driving through the plains of Arklay County, entirely unaware of the recent quarantine of Raccoon City. Tired; eating a burger and listening to a talk radio program featuring an eye-witness to Zombies, the truck plows straight into a what seems like a woman walking on the highway. Panicked & scared, the driver gets out of the truck to inspect on the woman. But the woman gets up while his back is turned and attacks him.

Elsewhere in the plains, police rookie Leon S. Kennedy and university student Claire Redfield stop off at the Mizoil Gas Station to fill up on petrol. The first to arrive investigates a smashing sound inside, and finds an Arklays County sheriff deputy being attacked by a Zombie. Zombies flock from the surrounding area to the gas station, cornering Leon and Claire. The two meet at the entrance, and evade the horde of zombies as they rush to the deputy's car, which Leon drives into the city.

Driving through the ruined streets, Leon and Claire discover the only people in sight are zombies, but overhear from a pre-recorded announcement that refugees are to head to the Raccoon Police Station for shelter. When the car reaches a dead-end, Leon and Claire realise they must continue on foot. The car is quickly set-upon by zombies, preventing their escape for several seconds as the injured truck driver drives towards them, losing consciousness as he swerves off the road and narrowly avoids a direct collision. Leon and Claire escape the burning police car shortly before it ignites the oil leaking from the wrecked truck, causing a massive explosion. Separated by the burning remains of the truck, Leon and Claire confirm their safety before independently setting off for the station.

Arrival to RPD & Finding the way outEdit

As Leon enters the station, he watches Elliot Edward through a security camera being chased by a zombie. Leon hurries to his location, finding him behind a metal safety shutter but fails to save him, despite his best efforts. The zombie behind the shutter begins to bang on it in an attempt to get through, attracting a large number of zombies to the area. As Leon rushes to escape back they way he entered into the area, he is nearly killed before being saved by Lieutenant Marvin Branagh. As Leon explores the station, a rescue helicopter sent to evacuate any survivors is shot down and crashes into the station's east wing. Later, Leon & Claire meet each other near the crash sight, but are separated by a tall fence & a gate. It was discovered that Claire's brother, Chris Redfield, had gone to Europe for "vacation", and that Claire had been looking for him ever since. Leon & Claire resolve to both stay alive and escape. The recently crashed helicopter explodes, attracting a nearby horde of inactive zombies, cutting the pair's reunion short.

Going through an underground tunnel, Claire finds Sherry Birkin shortly before being attacked a creature wearing a lab coat. Claire fends the creature off, and she and Sherry continue through the tunnel into the underground parking garage. Sherry is then kidnapped by the Chief of Police Brian Irons, with Claire in hot pursuit as she searches for an alternate exit, encountering a T-103 Tyrant . Shortly after Claire's departure, Leon arrives in the underground parking lot and meets Federal Agent Ada Wong, who separates from him briefly. In the adjacent jail area, Leon witnesses the death of Ben Bertolucci, and follows Ada out of the parking garage after meeting up with her towards the city's sewer system, having a short encounter with Robert Kendo along the way.

Sherry attempts to escape the orphanage Irons is containing her in, but fails and is cornered by Brian. Before Brian can bring any harm to Sherry, the creature, which attacked Claire before, appears and infects him with a parasite, incapacitating him temporarily. Claire is lead by a phone call from Irons to the orphanage in hopes of rescuing Sherry. When she arrives, she finds Irons in a panicked state, and is killed by the parasite within his body as it erupts from his chest. Claire finds Sherry within an underground facility connected to the orphanage, and they attempt to escape together. The pair is soon on the run from the Tyrant which followed Claire from the police station, and they are forced to enter a small elevator to escape it. The Tyrant catches up to them and comes within arms reach of killing them before being torn in half by the creature sporting a lab coat, which then attacks the elevator, causing it to fall with the creature atop it.

When Leon try to escape the police station, he was ambushed by a giant creature, which is known as the Tyrant. Ada saved Leon life and the duo left the police department.

Going through sewerEdit

Upon ecountering Leon, an armed Robert Kendo tells him to leave immediately. Robert is panicked & threatning, and Leon tells him to calm down before he notices a little girl approching behind the shop owner. Noticing her already zombie-like appearance, Leon tells Kendo they need to get her help. Ada attempts to shoot the little girl, saying that they need to "terminate her before she turns", who Kendo now identifies as his daughter. Kendo tells Ada & Leon to leave them in peace, and with Leon's encouragement, they allow Kendo to take his daughter into a back room. A gunshot is heard before the two continue to head towards the sewers. 

Upon entering the sewer system, which Ada tells Leon should lead them directly to Umbrella's secret facility, a huge "earthquake" can be felt before a giant creature crawls past an open shaft. Further inspection of the sewers result in Leon being chased by the before mentioned creature, which turns out to be an overgrowned alligator. Leon successfully outruns the creature. After which, Leon questions who exactly Umbrella is selling these monsters to. Ada explains to him that it isn't creatures they're selling, but the virs that's making the creatures, and that Annette Birkin is the person responsible for making the virus.  Aftering exiting the elevtor, Leon & Annette enter into a room, where a woman is sitting over a corspe. Leon and Ada both take out their weapons, Leon demands the woman identifies herself. Ada does it for her, saying this woman is the woman they're looking for, Annette Birkin. Ada tells her that they're there to aquire the G-Virus, to which Annette responds by lighting the corspe in front of her on fire. Ada & Leon attempt to chase after her as she runs off. Annette shoots them, escaping before telling them that they'll never get the G-Virus. Leon tackles Ada out of the way & takes the bullet to his shoulder. He tells Ada to not worry about him & stop Annette before she escapes before blacking out. 

Leon is seen covered in the trench coat Ada was previously wearing, Ada talking into a walkie talkie. 

The LabEdit

Claire arrived at NEST before Leon, finding a tape recorder from a dead USS soldier that told her the location of the G-virus and vaccine. Claire found the vault containing both a sample of the DEVIL vaccine and the G-vaccine. Claire realized Sherry's pendant was the key to opening it, allowing her to take the vaccine back to Sherry. During the way, she was attacked by William once again. During the struggle, William mutated and mortally injured Annette. Claire gave Annette the vaccine and instructed her to vaccinate Sherry while she finished off William. When the fight was over, Claire returned to Sherry, where Annette gave her a level 4 access band, allowing them to access the escape elevator before seemingly dying of her injuries. Claire and Sherry used the elevator to escape and used another elevator that housed an escape train. During the way, she encountered William again, in his fourth mutation state. Using a gatling gun she found, Claire disposed of William once again.

Leon eventually, found the same tape recorder Claire found and found the vault, having been opened by Claire, allowing him to take the G-virus. While returning, Leon ran into the mortally injured Annette, who warned Leon that Ada is not FBI, but a mercenary who will sell it. While Leon was initially skeptical, he realized Annette was right because she wanted the sample destroyed and voiced her concerns about the G-virus falling into the wrong hands. This caused Leon to realized he never truly trusted Ada because of how distant she was. Annette was still clinging to life and took it upon herself to shoot Ada. In the ensuing chaos, Leon dropped the sample into the depths of NEST. Happy to see that no one will get their hands on the G-virus sample, Annette died. Leon escaped through the same elevator that had been activated by Claire. During his escape, he was confronted by the Tyrant once again and was nearly killed by it until an explosion separated the two of them. Leon took another elevator (a different one from the second elevator Claire used) that would take him to the tracks of the escape train. While descending, Leon encountered the tyrant a final time, who began to mutate its right arm into a blade due to the explosion in their previous encounter destroying its inhibitor coat. During the battle, Ada, who remained unseen, slipped a rocket launcher to Leon, allowing him to finish off the Tyrant.

The Train Edit


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