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"A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adrenaline rush, gripping storyline, and unimaginable horrors await you. Witness the return of Resident Evil 2."
— PlayStation Store description

The script for Resident Evil 2 was written in the same manner as the original and remake of Resident Evil, in that the two player characters' stories are set in their own respective worlds distinct from their counterpart. As consequence, both Leon and Claire will defeat the same bosses, as Chris and Jill do the Yawn, but character-unique story will appear.


The game begins with a truck driver driving through the plains of Arklay County, entirely unaware of the recent quarantine of Raccoon City. Tired; eating a burger and listening to a talk radio program featuring an eye-witness to Zombies, the truck plows straight into a woman walking on the highway. The truck driver gets out and begins to panic, but the woman gets up while his back is turned and attacks him.

Elsewhere in the plains, police rookie Leon S. Kennedy and university student Claire Redfield drive stop off at the Mizoil Gas Station to fill up on petrol. The first to arrive investigates a smashing sound inside, and finds an Arklays County sheriff deputy being attacked by a Zombie. Zombies flock outside to corner the second to arrive. The two meet at the entrance, and rush through the Zombies to the deputy's car, which Leon drives into the city.

Driving through the ruined streets, Leon and Claire quickly find the only people in sight are Zombies, but overhear from a pre-recorded tannoy announcement that refugees are to head to the Raccoon Police Station. When the car reaches a dead-end, Leon and Claire realise they must run through the streets. The car is quickly set-upon by the Zombies, preventing their escape for several seconds as the injured truck driver drives towards them. They bail out and survive, and head off independently to the station.

Arrival to RPD & Finding the way outEdit

The first person to arrive to the station saw Elliot Edward plead of help. They found him behind a shutter but failed to save him. Escaping the ensuring zombies attack, they also got trapped from the shutter and was saved by Marvin. Later, Leon & Claire meet each other at the rear gate. By this time, it was found out that Claire's brother, Chris Redfield has gone to Europe for "vacaiton", so Leon & Claire planned for escape.

Going through underground tunnel, a creature wearing a lab coat has appeared, Claire found Sherry Birkin and lead her to the underground parking lot. Sherry was then kidnapped by Brian Irons with Claire tailing him. Whileas, Leon met the mysterious Ada Wong, witness the death of Ben Bertolucci before planning for a way out with Ada.

Sherry tried to escape the Orphanage, but failed and cornered by Brian. Unfortunately, Birkin attack, leaving her fate unknown by that point.

Upon getting out of the police station, Claire headed to the Orphanage to save Sherry from Brian Irons, only to found Irons dies by a Parasite. When Leon try to escape the police station, he was ambushed by a giant creature, which is known as the Tyrant. Ada saved Leon life and the duo left the police department.

She found Sherry eventually but was forced to run by the Tyrant, while reaching the elevator lead to the sewer. Birkin suddenly attacks the elavator trapping them in it, cause it to fall and crash, leaving Claire unconcious.

Going through sewerEdit

Along the way Claire went through the orphanage, Leon & Ada had no choice but to run through Robert Kendo's gunshop, and found out his daughter is going to turn. Knowing that his daughter can't make it, Kendo brought the girl back to the back room, a gunshot is heard afterward. Leon & Ada got through the sewer following Ben's clue about the underground lab. They was separated when Leon's attacked by a giant Alligator. Leon managed to kill it by a shooting a gas pipe. Rejoined with Ada right after the fight, they enter a passage with Dr. Birkin in as she investigates a body. When she realises Ada is there for the G-Virus, she sets the body alight and ran. Annette shoots Ada in attempt to cut her pursuit, but Leon took a bullet trying to shield her; and managed to lock herself behind a door. Ada left Leon behind after tending to his wound to to search through the sewers on her own, looking for Annette. Eventually, she was trapped in the landfill by Annette, injured from her fall with a debris stuck in her leg and fell unconcious.

The LabEdit


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