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Review scores
Publication Score
Electronic Gaming Monthly 9.5 out of 10
Game Revolution 5 out of 5
GameSpot 9 out of 10 [1]
IGN 90 out of 100[2]
Xbox Achievements 90 out of 100[3]

Audio: 90
Visuals: 90
Playability: 90
Achievements: 85

Steam 10 out of 10

Ahead of its release in January 2019, Resident Evil 2 scored high reviews, with Metacritic giving an overall mark of 93%.[4] As of May, 2021, it is Capcom's third best selling game of all time.[5]


During the E3 2018, Resident Evil 2 has won the Game Critics Awards 2018 of "Best of Show".[6]

IGN was satisfied by the game's inventory and ammunition management system, which it considered to be "real survival horror", due to its ability to keep the player on their toes.[2] GameSpot meanwhile found it to be a mix of the more survivalist approach of the early games with the "tactile, reflex oriented" gameplay of the later games.[1] To keep experienced players of the original game in the dark, GameSpot notes that rooms that were typically safe are now dangerous,[1] while Xbox Achievements further notes puzzles from the original being reimagined to play on expectations.[3] Polygon took note that the protagonists do not have perfect aim like they did in early games, which would contribute to ammunition shortages and having to rely more on the knife.[7] To benefit players of differing skills and familiarity with the franchise, Resident Evil 2 includes a harder difficulty where players must rely on a limited supply of Ink Ribbons for saving via the typewriters,[3][7] while lower difficulties mix between checkpoints and typewriters with unlimited saving like in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.[3] An aim assist feature was also added for players on easier modes.[7]

The game's maps updating to identify which rooms are cleared of items was appreciated.[2] Though the T-00 boss which stalks the player across the first two thirds of the game was praised for its ability to put players in a panic, it was found by critics to be obnoxious when constantly interrupting players busy solving a puzzle.[1][2]

Like the original game, there are points where the player will switch to their partner character's perspective, and, though necessary for the plot, Polygon found them to take the player out of the experience with trial-and-error tasks.[7]

Plot and atmosphere[]

IGN found the story to be "mostly loyal" to the original PlayStation version, though expressed concern the protagonists Leon and Claire were "two dimensional in their unwavering heroism", lacking the emotional impact exhibited by other characters.[2] GameSpot instead praised the script for being better made than other games, and moments where the protagonists try to ready themselves for the next surprise, but also enjoyed the deeper portrayals of the supporting cast.[1] The ambient sounds were found to be more noticeable and impactful, such as rain and footsteps,[1] in comparison to the original which relied more so on music to provide atmosphere.[2]

Like the original PlayStation game, Resident Evil 2 has four versions of the story - two versions of Leon and two of Claire. Both characters' "first scenarios" play largely the same with the same puzzles and similar paths, with the same going to the "second scenarios". The benefit of the four scenarios is the unique character interactions in places the player hadn't previously experienced.[1][7] The repetition, IGN felt, was "[not] quite enough to justify a second playthrough of a very similar campaign".[2] The method of selecting the first scenario's character was confusing to IGN, who's reviewer didn't even notice there was a "second scenario" option until after beating both Leon and Claire.[2]

Graphics and effects[]

The photogrammetry was well liked for its more detailed Zombie designs, which IGN considered the best-looking zombies in any game.[2] The better graphics did however allow it to become more blatant that the same few models were being recycled by the end of the game.[2] Capcom's attention to detail in enemy responses to gunshots was also praised, particularly following serious wounds such as head explosions.[2] Polygon also took notice of how fighting affects the player character, who will sweat and their clothing become bloodied.[7]

Xbox Achievements found the level of gore to be "forensic", in having to force the player to investigate dismembered or deformed bodies.[3]


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