Resident Evil 2 & 3 Official Strategy Guide is a double-feature guidebook for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Released in 2002 by BradyGames, it was authored by Stephen Frost and Dan Birlew for each game, respectively.


Resident Evil 2

Introduction (p2)

Characters (p3-6)

Ada Wong's character profile states that she is of Chinese heritage, and is engaged to John Clemens. Brian Irons' profile claims he intends to be elected Mayor in the upcominc elections.

Monsters (p7-10)

In this section, the Ivy is referred to as "Plant Creature". This may be due to the guide's basis in the 1999 guide, which came out before Resident Evil Survivor gave "Plant 43" as the name.

Surviving the Horror (p11-13)

Weapons & Ammo (p14-16)

Items (p17-22)

Walkthrough (p23-110)

Leon A (p23-45)
Claire B (p46-66)
Claire A (p67-89)
Leon B (p90-110)

Secrets and Bonuses (p111-113)

HUNK is introduced as a member of the "Umbrella S.W.A.T. team".

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Characters (p116-121)

Monsters (p122-125)

Survival Instincts (p126-131)

Weapons and Ammo (p132-135)

Key Items and Files (p136-137)

Walkthrough (p138-199)

Mission 01

Reach the Police Station (p140)

Mission 02

Escape the Police Station (p146)

Mission 03

Unsettling Alliance (p151)

Mission 04

Repairing the Trolley Car (p160)

Mission 05

Chimes of the Clock Tower (p169)

Mission 06

Secrets of the Hospital (p178)

Mission 07

City Park Reconnaissance (p184)

Mission 08

The Dead Factory (p191)

Secrets and Bonuses (p200)

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