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As Resident Evil 2 was wholly-developed by Tiger Electronics' in-house studio, Tiger was also responsible for the advertisement campaign, which was also used to advertise the console.



Resident Evil 2 ( TVCM

Note that the Project Umbrella mirror is missing the opening seconds of this ad.

Tiger Electronics produced a live-action 30-second trailer to advertise their Resident Evil 2 remake. The plot has a continuingly-decomposing Zombie reporting an assault to the police, identifying the console as the assailant. The ad ends with an announcer declaring the to be "the only portable cartridge that plays Resident Evil 2".


An advertisement for the contest.

To celebrate the end of their first year and the release of the second iteration of their console, the Pocket Pro, Tiger launched a major competition, the " Pocket Pro Challenge", to take place from 1 December-15 January 1999. The competition was intended to heavily boost sales for the console, which had to suffer sluggish sales earlier in the year due to a lack of retailer support.[1] This competition also sponsored the Tiger Web Link, a modem which would plug into the Game.Com and upload scores to the Internet. In regards to Resident Evil 2, players were to submit their scores through the Web Link, with the player with the shortest time winning a U.S. Savings bond valued at $10,000.[2] With Resident Evil 2 the main attraction, a scratch-off competition was announced to run from along November, with customers participating in the chance to win a copy of the game, a PocketPro and a Web Link.[3][4]

The Resident Evil 2 competition suffered serious problems, however. Due to the poor retailer relationship, not enough Resident Evil 2 cartridges had been shipped by Thanksgiving, many copies still at warehouses, with even scratch-off competition winners having trouble receiving their winnings.[5] This resulted in the game being rare during the competition and, coupled with the requirement to buy the equally-rare Web Link, only three or four players managed to upload their scores for Resident Evil 2 in time, while over a hundred each entered for WCW and Crash Bandicoot's competitions.[6]


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