Resident Evil 2 Special Theme 2 PV0

The Resident Evil 2 Special Theme 2 is a PlayStation 4 theme that was only obtainable by pre-ordering the Resident Evil 2 remake digitally through the PlayStation Store.[1] It was given to users on January 30, 2019, five days after the game's release.

The theme features customized icons, sound effects when scrolling through the menus, the background music is a remix of the "The Front Hall" theme present in the original game. However, the theme isn't dynamic. Its size is 93.52MB.



  1. Resident Evil on Twitter: "Bring Raccoon City home to your PS4 with this exclusive theme featuring Claire, Leon, and the once bustling city left for dead when you pre-order Resident Evil 2 on @PlayStation Network! #RE2…"
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