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Translation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was performed by three Japanese men: Tom Shiraiwa, Abu Takemura and Miki Takano.[1] Below is a list of translation errors made during the localization of the game and any changes to the plot.

Production errors

The description on the back of the game case incorrectly states that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis takes place "just days" after the Mansion Incident. In fact, the games' events are separated by just over two months.


The Prologue was completely re-written for the localization, bearing almost no similarity between versions.

Jill's September 28 diary entry is vastly different. The left is from the localization; the right is a translation of the Japanese script.

September 28 - Daylight
The monsters have overtaken the city.
Somehow, I'm still alive.

September 28 - Daytime
There are now no longer the screams of people running about trying to escape.
However, I have survived.[notes 1]

In the pre-credits news report, the reporter refers to the United States Congress as the "federal council", a very literal translation of the script's choice of word, Renpōkaigi (連邦会議?). He also gives the "sterilization operation" (滅菌作戦 Mekkinsakusen?) the name "Bacilus Terminate operation", which is referenced in the localization of Resident Evil 6.

Mikhail Victor's rank was mistranslated as being that of a Lieutenant. While the two share the same Kanji, "Taii" (大尉?), its usage for Lieutenant refers solely to the Navy rate, while its usage for Captain refers to the Army rank. As such it can be deduced that Mikhail's rank is, in fact, Captain. It is the word "Chūi" (中尉?) that refers to the Army rank of Lieutenant.


In the "Business Fax", which can be found in the Umbrella office, the line "NE-T Type specimens" is mistranslated as "NE-T type virus". This has the consequence of mistakenly establishing a new virus - the "NE-T virus". This does not exist in official canon, however.

In the "Medical Instruction Manual", Douglas Lauper was renamed "Douglas Rover".

Hunk's Epilogue mistakenly refers to him as "Mr. Death" in a character's remark. The Kanji Shinigami (死神?) is used to refer to the personification of death - the Grim Reaper (or simply "Death" as a proper-noun).


Nikolai Zinoviev's name was mistransliterated as "Nicholai Ginovaef". This spelling has been used consistently in all English material as a consequence.


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