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The description on the back of the game case incorrectly states that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis takes place "just days" after the Mansion Incident. In fact, the games' events are separated by just over two months.


Jill's arrival in Raccoon City is explained as her wanting to do some further investigations on Umbrella in Raccoon City.[citation needed]

It is revealed that the events of Resident Evil 2 were due to behind-the-scenes dealings between the US military and Dr. William Birkin, and Umbrella's refusal to allow that to happen. The US military is seen to have tried taking over Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A in their search for the G-Virus.

The doors in the RPD and the courtyard are blocked by some wooden barricades, this was never explained as to why they were barricaded or who removed them.[citation needed]

It is also revealed that the 5 other Tyrants were dropped off in the Incineration Disposal Plant in which they went in a fight with the US Military (with the first one being dropped in the Raccoon Police Station), this was the writer's decision to tie the story with the second game. According to an interview, Kawamura initially planned to tie it further by having crossovers and Jill infiltrating and investigating the underground labs but felt it would contradict the game's story too much and left it unchanged.

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  • The game was known as: "Gaiden (Spin-off)", "Biohazard 1.9" and "Last Escape", initially during early development and before becoming the third numbered main title.
  • The movie theater near the restaurant (Grill 13) is showing a movie entitled Biohazard 4. The poster shows the American box art from the second game.
  • After completing the game, the boutique is unlocked. Obtainable is the costume of Regina from Dino Crisis, with a red wig as well. Also up for grabs is Jill's costume from the original Resident Evil along with many others. In the PC and Dreamcast versions, all seven alternate outfits are already unlocked right from the beginning and the player can choose what to wear before the game starts, so the boutique can never be opened.
  • Creating Handgun Ammo and Shotgun Shells numerous times with the reloading tool will allow Jill to create Enhanced rounds at the player's discretion which has higher damage, in exchange for some extra recoil. Except for in the minigame Operation: Mad Jackal, Enhanced ammo can only be obtained by rescuing NPCs, it can never be found anywhere in the game.
  • While not usable in the game by normal means, Tofu, Brad and Dario can replace a currently player-controlled character by way of a game enhancer.
  • This game marked the first appearance of the Samurai Edge handgun, which would be deemed the S.T.A.R.S. standard sidearm later in the series.
  • Eagle's Pet Shop appears on the streets of Raccoon City. Eagle is a reference to the Street Fighter character.
  • If one looks closely at the Exit button in the Epilogue, under it reads, very illegible, "I Love You, Shinji Mikami, Return to Menu!".
  • When getting the compass (near the restaurant), you can read in the plaques, the words "SNAILIVIC TSUM EVOMER GOD TNEMERCXE" (Downside) or when read backward, it says "CIVILIANS MUST REMOVE DOG EXCREMENT". It is believed that this might have been a sign recycled from the beta version of the game, or just a joke from the developers. You can also read the "full" version of that message after you've exited the warehouse (where a zombie is sitting), The message says: "DOGS, BE ON LEASH AND OWNERS MUST REMOVE DOG EXCREMENT."
  • If the player uses a cheat device to enable "open item box anywhere," strange character textures may appear. For example, during the first nemesis fight, Brad's decimated face is clearly visible, (probably because his model and texture are within the room file). Textures and models of the characters can be extracted by using modding tools in PC Version of RE3. This only works in the American version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
  • The game has a randomization engine, just like Resident Evil 2's Arrange Mode. Not only do the "live choice" options change what happens and what items will be available, but some weapons - such as the magnum and grenade launcher - will spawn in different places on different runs.
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