"Experience a taste of this stunning re-imagining of Resident Evil 3. Play a section of the opening of the game, specially tuned for this demo, and get a glimpse of the tragedy that befalls Raccoon City."
— Store description

The Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo is a public demo of the Resident Evil 3 remake. It was first announced on February 25, 2020,[2] with information of a release date being disclosed at a later date. The demo eventually released on March 18 / 19 (depending on the user's timezone).[3] Unlike the RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo, this demo is not timed and it can be replayed an infinite number of times.[4]


This demo starts out at the train with Mikhail Viktor and Carlos Oliveira, and ends if players use the Fire Hose and walk too far past the fire corridor.

Upon the first log-in, players can only change the game's options or start the demo, when the demo is started, it is impossible to come back to the main menu unless the player dies and chooses the "Quit" option.

There are two difficulties in the demo, however, it's not possible to select any upon starting it. All players will start at a default difficulty, but if there are too many deaths, then an option will appear after the Game Over screen which asks if the player wants to switch to the Assisted difficulty, if done so, the CQBR Assault Rifle will be given, which is the only way to obtain this weapon in the demo.

After the demo is beaten, a new trailer will play. Upon returning to the main menu, a new option will appear which is related to watching select trailers of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Resistance.

Unlike the RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo, no version of the Raccoon City Demo has achievements/trophies. However, this demo contains special collectibles named "Charlie Doll", destroying all of these dolls will not affect anything in the demo itself or unlock anything for the player in-game.

Outside of the, Capcom also made a web manual available online: Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City Demo Official Web Manual.

Charlie Doll locations

There are a total of 20 Charlie Dolls in the demo, destroying them all will award players with 100 points in the Resident Evil Ambassador program, but users must first link their RESIDENT EVIL.NET account with their Ambassador account before destroying them. This campaign only lasts between March 19 - April 3, 2020, with the points being given around April 7.[5][6]

By March 24, 2020, 40,000 players had found all Charlie Dolls.[5]

  1. As soon as the demo starts, go toward the right side to the back of the train, then check the opposite platform behind it.
  2. After the two Green Herbs, there will be a file on the table in the middle and the Charlie is right next to it.
  3. After ducking through the shutter, look right and search for an ambulance, the Charlie is at plain sight.
  4. When you reach the Toy Uncle store, look inside it through the windows. There is a poster with a picture of the Charlie. Aim at this poster for about 10 seconds, this will make the Charlie spawn at the top of the Moon Donut.
  5. Inside the market next to Toy Uncle, the bolt cutter must be acquired. The bolt cutter is in the room with an Item Box inside the Moon Donut. The Charlie is on the right side when entering the building.
  6. When Carlos calls Jill about the corridor with the fire, you will see three zombies behind a barricade to the left of the door that leads to that corridor. The Charlie is on top of the car behind the barricade/zombies.
  7. After the above, the other barricade will break. Go down the steps now and then when you reach the last steps, look back toward the steps and then to the left.
  8. After the above, go to the next set of stairs to the right of the Moon Donut, then turn right and climb up again. The Charlie is on the roof, above the red barrel. Be careful with the two zombies.
  9. In the room with the safe that gives an upgrade to the handgun, the Charlie is on one of the shelves at the middle of the room. Be careful with the zombie.
  10. After the above, you will be outside again and there is a train track above you. Look up and the Charlie can be easily seen.
  11. Immediately after the above, turn the camera to the left and the Charlie can be seen on top of the Moon Donut.
  12. Inside the Kite Bros building, in the room with the shotgun, there are two lockers. The Charlie is to the left of the lockers, look near the ground.
  13. Inside the pharmacy, on the shelf to the right of the giant poster on the wall.
  14. Behind the Moon Donut is a door which requires the bolt cutters again, kill the zombies inside then look to the left of the case with the shotgun shells, at the ground.
  15. Inside the Moon Donut, behind the counter.
  16. After using the Fire Hose to take out the fire, slowly make your way forward and then aim above the door. Going too far will finish the demo and you will have to play it all again, be careful with any enemies behind you as they can stagger Jill and maker her go through the cutscene trigger.
  17. Next to the market that had a Charlie, there is a police car with a closed door and a zombie inside. You must down Nemesis three times by using powerful attacks such as using the red barrels or the hand grenades, which is noticed by the way he raises his hand before going down. After you have done this three times, approach the car and the door will open. The Charlie is inside, but the zombie is also alive now.
  18. After the above, make sure to take down the fire by using the Fire Hose. A zombie will spawn behind the car mentioned above, kill him then go back to the pharmacy. To the left of the giant poster is the Charlie, be careful with the zombie on the floor next to it.
  19. Behind the Moon Donut, when you leave the Moon Donut, go to the left and there will be another car with a closed door and a zombie inside. For this one to open, you must perform 25 perfect dodges against any enemy type. Dying and retrying will still count the dodges.
  20. For the last Charlie, combine two high grade gunpowders to create MAG ammo then go back to the train and talk to Mikhail. Afterwards, go back to the 8th Charlie, the 20th Charlie will be on the floor, next to a table on the same roof.


The following are the patch notes based on the PS4's "Update History" menu:

  • Version 1.01
    • Bug fixes


  • In some situations after performing a Perfect Dodge, Jill will aim at an enemy who is behind the wall rather than the enemy that just attacked her.
  • Nemesis may become unable to open doors and will instead walk or run in place.

Further notes

  • RESIDENT EVIL.NET tracks the data of this demo, users may visit the site to see global stats taken from all players who link their RE.NET accounts to the game starting from April 3.[7]



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