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Further notes

This game is similar to the original game, except for the HUD, gameplay, and enemies. Fewer enemies appear, the Shooting Range is simply cut out of the game and the Regeneradores/Iron Maidens as well as the Chainsaw Man and Chainsaw Sisters are also easier to kill (with Chainsaw Man not appearing as many times altogether). The Ganados appear in smaller groups and the firepower is increased for every weapon. The merchant's selling prices are lowered and he seems to appear more often, before every mission in the iPod/iPhone version. This game was only released in Japan for certain mobile phones, and the U.S on the iPod touch, and iPhone. The gameplay differs between the iPod/iPhone and the NGage mobile phone. The iPhone version was later updated, featuring the finalized campaign with the missions going up to the fight with Saddler.


Also included was a mercenaries mode which would advance into a separate sort of campaign. The player would get a setup of weapons and items and an objective. The four main types of objectives were:

  • Survive until the time limit is reached.
  • Get to an area before the time limit is reached.
  • Kill all the enemies in the area before the time limit is reached.
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