Resident Evil 4 is a file unlocked in Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition.


The year is 2004, and the destruction of Raccoon City 6 years ago is now just a memory.

Secret Service Agent Leon S. Kennedy, is in the pursuit of the group who has kidnapped the president's daughter.

In search of Ashley, Leon travels to a small village in the European countryside.

Leon enters a small house and encounters a single male, but when questioned about Ashley...

...the man does not answer. "Perhaps he doesn't understand," ponders Leon.

As Leon begins to leave the house, the man suddenly and unexpectedly attacks!

Despite readying his weapon and aiming it at the man, his posture does not change.

On the contrary, it is as if the man feels no fear. An unsettling feeling creeps over Leon.

"Impossible... I thought that was the end of the nightmare."

Exiting the house, Leon notices that the air around him has changed noticeably.

The villagers, hidden from sight just moments ago, suddenly surround Leon, brandishing weapons.

The air is not thick with a maddening evil.

All of it concentrated towards Leon.

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