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Fear You Can't ForgetEdit

Main article: Fear You Can't Forget

Fear You Can't Forget was an American television campaign from the game, set in the days after the game where Chris Redfield is coping with posttraumatic stress disorder. The marketing campaign was not written by Capcom's Japanese writing team, so is not considered canon.


BSAA Remote DesktopEdit

Main article: BSAA Remote Desktop

The BSAA Remote Desktop was a Japanese ARG taking the form of a BSAA-issue laptop. It contained files relating to the recent history and geography of Kijuju, as well as hinting a TRICELL conspiracy to bring the organization to Kijuju in order to eliminate investigators. The ARG thus relates directly to the game's opening levels. This desktop is part of the series canon.

Adam's BlogEdit

Adam's Blog was an ARG developed alongside the BSAA Remote Desktop, which explained the recent developments in Kijuju from the point of view of a civilian worker. Though written in English, it directly used Japanese notes. It is, thus, canon.


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