Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition has received criticism in the media of Islamic countries since its release in 2010. The focus of this criticism is in regards to accusations that the Holy Qur'an, the central text in Islam, appears in a disrespectful scene in the game.


A book displaying Arabic-style artwork on its front cover is used in several places in "Lost in Nightmares". While it can easily be mistaken for the Qur'an, the lack of Arabic (or indeed English) writing identifying it as the Holy Qur'an leaves this intention unlikely.

Claims and Advancing Rumor

Like any other rumor, these claims have advanced through the time, such examples are:

  • People claiming CAPCOM Are a Zionist / American company, doing this on purpose
  • Some people claimed that you are forced to step on Holy Quran as part of the mission.
  • Others identified the book beside that suspicious book as if it was showing the "Illuminati Eye" as they claim, which is known as Eye of Providence Despite it not being an eye and more of a planet with an oval shaped ring.

Media responses



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