Resident Evil Studio Lot was a PlayStation Home hub modeled after Resident Evil 5. The Hub is no longer accessible, as both the hub itself was retired and PlayStation Home itself discontinued. It was the first area in the game when starting from Chapter 1-1. The area had several photos of Majini along with main characters, a studio van, cameras, chairs, and several buildings which, when examined from behind, are propped up stage displays indicating the idea that Resident Evil 5 was all just a movie. Several rooms that are inaccessible normally are replaced with studio equipment and could be visited. A large projection screen was placed near the area where in-game Majini assault a bag on the ground with blunt objects. The projection screen played an endless loop of a trailer from Resident Evil 5.

Reynard was the only actual character to appear, giving the player a mini-game where the player hunted for bugs and reports back to Reynard when one was found, and allowed the player into his butcher shop from the game which contains some behind the scenes material or explanations of some of the happenings in Resident Evil 5.

There also was an arcade machine inside one of the buildings. Walking up to the machine and activating it with the Resident Evil 5 disc inserted in the PlayStation 3, the game would boot. Upon exiting the game, the player would be redirected back to PlayStation Home and loaded back to the Resident Evil Studio Lot.

There are several items one can obtain pertaining to Resident Evil 5 that can be unlocked in various methods. As well there is also a shop known as "Adam's Shop" owned by a male merchant known as Adam. The shop sells a large multitude of items which can be purchased through PSN on PlayStation Home, such as full body costumes for men (Chris) and women (Sheva) along with various random T-shirt designs.


UNLOCKABLE ITEMS Type Unlocking Method
Chris Redfield Trophy ornament Sign in Home and you'll get it automatically.
Sheva Alomar Trophy ornament Beat Resident Evil 5 on Normal.
Jill Valentine Trophy ornament Beat Resident Evil 5 on Veteran
Albert Wesker Trophy ornament Beat Resident Evil 5 on Professional
Treasure Box Trophy ornament Collect all treasures in Resident Evil 5
Brown Beetle ornament Treasure Hunt Mini-game
Green Beetle ornament Treasure Hunt Mini-game
Gold Beetle ornament Treasure Hunt Mini-game
Jewel Beetle ornament Treasure Hunt Mini-game
Wesker's sunglasses unisex accessory Find all 4 beetles and talk to Reynard

Chris BSAA Costume: Gloves Gloves
Chris BSAA Costume: Top Shirt
Chris BSAA Costume: Bottom Pants
Chris BSAA Costume: Shoes Shoes
Chris BSAA Costume: Headset Accessory
Resident Evil 5 T-shirt (1--32 shirts) M Shirt

Sheva Wig Hair
Sheva BSAA Costume: Gloves Gloves
Sheva BSAA Costume:Top Shirt
Sheva BSAA Costume: Bottom Pants
Sheva BSAA Costume: Boots Shoes
Sheva Earrings Accessory
Sheva BSAA Costume: Headset Accessory
RESIDENT EVIL 5 T-shirt (1-31 shirts) F Shirt


Further Notes

  • Although the guy in the shop himself is not named, it is assumed the shop is named after him as "Adam's Shop" he also looks exactly the same as Adam whom is known through the Experience Kijuju fictional blog campaign.
    • Adam here wears a cap, when in the blog he doesn't wear one, his outfit and appearance is basically unchanged.
    • Although may be unrelated, There is a leftover merchant model in Resident Evil 5 which is wearing a cap.
  • In the first entrance area, there is a board showing a photo of the whole cast of Resident Evil 5 posing together as a family/friends photo.
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