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Resident Evil 6 was translated by Miguel E. Corti, and edited by Jeff Windham and Marco Bombasi. Marco and Jeff would each edit Resident Evil: Revelations, with Jeff also working on Resident Evil: Revelations 2.[1][2] Corti also worked in the localization department for Resident Evil 5 and Revelations.[3] A number of alterations or omissions were made in the localisation of this game, which are listed below.

Files Edit

Bosawan Edit

Throughout the game, including this file, the name of a Lanshiang district differs from intended. The Japanese name is "Poisawan" (ポイサワン?). The file's description of Poisawan's history is expanded in this file. The Japanese version mentions how the shanty town developed out of an abandoned Qing fort which was abandoned in the 1900s and settled by refugees. The English version goes further, to say this was a British-aligned fort that was abandoned during the Chinese Emperor's attempt to force the British troops out of the area. Though this more directly references the Boxer Rebellion, it mistakenly treats the EmpressDowager Cix as a man.

Carla Radames Edit

In the Japanese version, Carla's backstory includes her being headhunted by the Simmons Foundation, though does not say her field was in genetics.

Iluzija Edit

The English version of the file avoids referring to it as an infected person, instead as a creature, which implies it is not a mutant human.

Leon S. Kennedy Edit

The Japanese version of this file directly refers to the 11 September terrorist attacks and the War on Terror, showing these events to have indeed occurred in this universe. These references are totally removed, possibly over taste reasons.

Rasklapanje Edit

The creature's name is Serbian for "dismantle", though the English version of the game refers to it as "demolition".

Scorched Earth Edit

The mission to destroy Raccoon City is referred to as "Bacillus Terminate" in the English version, to reference the ending cutscene to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The original script actually refers to this as the "Sterilization Operation" (滅菌作戦 Mekkinsakusen?).

Sherry and the Raccoon City Incident Edit

Due to apparent unfamiliarity with Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire's friend, Rani Chawla is referred to instead as "Ronny".


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