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Resident Evil 6 was translated by Miguel E. Corti, and edited by Jeff Windham and Marco Bombasi. Marco and Jeff would each edit Resident Evil: Revelations, with Jeff also working on Resident Evil: Revelations 2.[1][2] Corti also worked in the localization department for Resident Evil 5 and Revelations.[3]

Error identification 'Key'Edit

Spelling Wrong conclusion Missing information Additional information Original storyline Original continuity

  • Spelling - A localization error where words (or more specifically, character names) have been spelt incorrectly
  • Wrong conclusion - A quick re-write by the localization team has led to an incorrect description of events via skim-reading, such as indicating someone to be alive when the script says "deceased".
  • Missing information - Content has been noticeably removed from the source, perhaps even an entire paragraph.
  • Additional information - The localization team has decided to "add fat" by adding in new sentences.
  • Original storyline - Completely original content has been added, perhaps replacing the file's intended content. An example of this is "R. Lambert", a character created by the localization team for Resident Evil 2.
  • Original continuity - A change has been made so that the file's content runs in continuity with a change made in another file (perhaps in another game). An example of this is subsequent replacements of "Sterilization Operation" with "Operation: Bacillus Terminate" to tie-in with the arbitrary translation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis' pre-credits ending.

Error list (files)Edit

Error code File What it says What it should say Why was it wrong?
Bosawan Name of district is wrong It should be "Poisawan" The game routinely spells it in Katakana as "Poisawan" (ポイサワン?). However, "Bo" and "Po" are deriveratives from the same character, "Ho" (?)
Bosawan The file attributes the removal of British influence in Poisawan in the early 20th century to the Chinese emperor. The Japanese script merely mentions the Qing dynasty. The threat to British imperialism at this time was the "Boxer Rebellion", which took place under the rule of the Empress Dowager Cix.
Leon S. Kennedy In the first paragraph of the letter, Adam tells Leon that he has founded the DSO The paragraph is much longer, and explains that 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror made bioterrism a bigger threat than before. In general, mentions of 9/11 and the War on Terror have no made it into localized material. Svetlana Belikova refers to her attack on the rebels in the Eastern Slav Republic as being part of this international operation even before the presence of B.O.W.s was known.
Rasklapanje The etymology of the creature's name is given as "demolition" A more appropriate translation is "dismantle" Expected problem with translating through multiple languages
Scorched Earth The mission to destroy Raccoon City is referred to as "Bacillus Terminate" It is referred to as the "Sterilization Operation" (滅菌作戦 Mekkinsakusen?) It was changed to reference the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ending, which was also Original Content
Sherry and the Raccoon City Incident The character, "Ronny", is a misspelling It should be "Rani" (ラーニー Rānī?) Expected accident in translating similar-sounding names. However, "Rani-chan" is more likely, given Claire's relationship to a young child named Rani.
Sherry and the Raccoon City Incident It says that Claire and Sherry lead busy lives It says that they are both very busy, also, but goes as far as explaining the reason (Claire flies around the world for her NGO; Sherry is a US agent)
Iluzija It describes the Iluzija as a creature infected with the C-Virus. It explicitly refers to the creature in the first sentence as an infected person. Any hint that it was a human-based B.O.W. has been removed.

Errors List (Gameplay)Edit

Error Code Item What it Says What it should say Why was it wrong?
New Game+ It asks if you'd not like to start with your previous weapons (yet selecting NO will not give you your weapons). It should ask if you would like to start with your previous weapons.


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