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"Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang."
— Description on Steam.

The game takes place over a period of at least six months, from December 2012 to June 2013, which is over fifteen years after the U.S. Government's destruction of Raccoon City.[1][notes 1] It also takes place in various locations around the world.

Leon's Campaign[]

Main article: Leon Story

June 29, 2013

United States President Adam Benford plans to publicly reveal the government's involvement in the 1998 Raccoon City incident during a seminar held at Ivy University in the American town of Tall Oaks. However, during the seminar, he suddenly mutates into a zombie after inhaling an infectious gas of the newly developed C-virus. The gas spreads rapidly, infecting nearly everyone on campus.

Agent Leon Kennedy of the Division of Security Operations (DSO) shoots the reanimated President to save United States Secret Service (USSS) agent Helena Harper, who admits her involvement in the bioterror attack and promises to explain once they reach Tall Oaks Cathedral. They encounter a distraught man looking for his missing daughter, Liz, and decide to help him in his search. Eventually, they find Liz, but she succumbs to infection and eats her father alive. Leon and Helena manage to drive away in a police car, but are flipped over by an attacking zombie. With the remote assistance of Field Operations Support (FOS) agent Ingrid Hunnigan, the two head underground, claiming they have a lead on the attack's perpetrators located at the cathedral.

Leon and Helena traverse through train lines and emerge into the center of Tall Oaks, only to find the entire town overrun by zombies. Battling their way through the devastated streets, they arrive at a gun store where they find other survivors: a young couple, a police officer, a Japanese tourist, and the store owner. A school bus arrives to bring the group to safety; however, all five survivors are eventually killed in the chaos. Hunnigan informs Leon and Helena that an organization called "Neo Umbrella" has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Leon and Helena ride the bus through heavy rain towards the cathedral, which is said to harbor more survivors. However, the bus veers off a cliff when the driver tries to ram a zombie. A nearby zombie horde swarms the bus, killing everyone inside and leaving Leon and Helena as the sole survivors. The two continue on foot to the cathedral, but a survivor refuses to open the doors and instead rings the church bells. Leon and Helena fend off waves of zombies until they are finally allowed inside. They are met by a large group of survivors, though Helena discovers that a passageway in the cathedral leading underground remains closed.

After exploring the cathedral and solving various puzzles, Leon and Helena open the passage, only to inadvertently release a Lepotica that infects most of the survivors with its gas. Leon and Helena manage to defeat the creature, and they proceed underground into a Neo Umbrella lab, where Helena finds her unconscious sister, Deborah Harper. Leon also discovers a video tape titled "Happy Birthday Ada Wong", which shows the confusing birth of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Leon's former associate Ada Wong.

As they attempt to leave the facility, Deborah, already suffering intense pain due to her infection with the C-virus, mutates into a grotesque bio-weapon (B.O.W.) with large appendages sprouting from her back. Ada arrives and comes to their aid, and together they manage to defeat Deborah. Helena seeks revenge against National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons, whom she reveals coerced her into helping him orchestrate the Tall Oaks attack by holding Deborah hostage. Hunnigan contacts the two, but is interrupted by Simmons himself, who names Leon and Helena as the prime suspects of the President's death and denies any involvement in the attack.

After Ada leaves, Leon and Helena attempt to escape through the catacombs, where they are attacked by a shark-like B.O.W. that pursues them relentlessly from the flooded catacombs to an underground waterfall. The two eventually kill it using explosive barrels. Emerging back to the surface, they witness the bombing of Tall Oaks, reminiscent of the Raccoon City incident. Hunnigan informs Leon and Helena that Simmons is headed for Lanshiang, China and helps the two fake their deaths.

June 30, 2013

Leon and Helena discover their flight to Lanshiang has been infiltrated by a Lepotica. They eject it from the plane's cargo hatch, but are too late in preventing it from spreading its gas, which immediately infects every crew member and passenger on board. With Hunnigan's guidance, Leon assumes control of the plane while Helena fends off the infected. Following a tense and frantic flying lesson, Leon crash-lands the plane in a cargo bay in Lanshiang.

Surviving the crash, the two immediately run into Sherry Birkin, a DSO agent sent by Simmons, and her partner Jake Muller. However, Leon and Sherry's reunion is cut short when Jake's hulking B.O.W. hunter, Ustanak, arrives to capture him. Together, they manage to defeat Ustanak by luring it below a falling burning communication tower.

Separated from Sherry and Jake, Leon and Helena continue in their pursuit of Simmons through an outdoor market swarming with the Rasklapanje, humanoid creatures capable of regeneration and dismemberment. They encounter Ada's lookalike and her pursuers, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) soldiers Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans. Chris claims that the woman is behind the bio-terrorist attacks and argues with a conflicted Leon. The woman seizes the opportunity to flee the scene. Chris and Piers set off to apprehend her. Shortly after, Leon and Helena come face to face with Simmons and are accompanied by Sherry and Jake. Simmons orders his men to eliminate Leon and Helena, but a J'avo intervenes, injecting him with a dose of the C-virus. Simmons jumps on a moving train and succumbs to his infection, transforming into a centaur-like beast and confronting the two agents. Helena shoots him in the eye, causing him to fall off the train, which subsequently derails and falls into the ocean below.

With Simmons seemingly defeated, Leon and Helena make their way back onto shore. The two are contacted by Hunnigan, who reports that Sherry and Jake have been abducted and are being held captive in an undersea oil field. Reviewing files provided by Sherry, they learn that Jake possesses antibodies to the C-virus and is the son of the late bio-terrorist Albert Wesker. The two then contact Chris, instructing him to rescue Sherry and Jake. Chris delivers the news of "Ada's" death and urges them to flee the city. Suddenly, a missile launched from a Neo Umbrella aircraft carrier detonates above the center of Lanshiang, releasing the same infectious gas used in the Tall Oaks attack. Thousands of civilians and soldiers are infected; Leon and Helena narrowly avoid exposure to the gas and navigate through the city in a truck driven by a BSAA soldier. After getting out of the truck, Leon and Helena notice a helicopter hovering nearby, which stops and looks at the two. To their surprise, they see Ada piloting the helicopter.

Leon and Helena battle their way through the ravaged streets of Lanshiang, eventually boarding a BSAA helicopter, although the pilot appears to be unconscious. While Leon takes control of the helicopter, the pilot transforms into a zombie and attacks Helena. The struggle causes the helicopter to crash-land into one of the Quad Towers. The two enter the complex's courtyard where they encounter Simmons once more, who has survived and transforms into a T-rex creature. With the help of Ada in her helicopter and a BSAA agent, they manage to temporarily defeat Simmons, albeit at the cost of the agent's life.

Following Ada to the roof, Helena acknowledges Leon's feelings for Ada. However, their elevator collapses midway, and they escape in a tower, aiding Ada from afar as she confronts Simmons alone on top of a skybridge. Leon descends to help her, but Simmons sends him dangling off the edge. Ada pushes Simmons off the edge before departing, leaving behind a rocket launcher and her helicopter for Leon and Helena's escape.

Fighting through hordes of zombies and facing Simmons in his final, insectoid-like form, Leon and Helena use the rocket launcher to eliminate him once and for all. Simmons falls off the edge and is impaled on a spiked monument in the courtyard. With Simmons defeated, Leon and Helena discover incriminating evidence left by Ada inside a chip concealed in a makeup palette. Together, they depart Lanshiang aboard the helicopter.

July 1, 2013

Some time later, Helena pays a visit to Deborah's grave elsewhere before preparing to surrender herself to authorities for her involvement in the Tall Oaks incident and the President's death. However, Leon and Hunnigan arrive and inform her that thorough evidence review has resulted in her exoneration, with Simmons being identified as the primary culprit. Furthermore, her involvement is kept confidential from the public eye.

Helena hands Leon Ada's makeup palette, to be passed on to her upon their next encounter.

Chris' Campaign[]

Main article: Chris Story

After the deaths of several soldiers under Chris' command in Edonia six months prior, specifically on December 24, 2012, Chris left the BSAA and became a drunken wreck. However, he was convinced by Piers Nivans to come back and finish his mission to end bioterrorism. Although initially hesitant, Chris eventually returns to the organization.[2]

Chris Redfield and the BSAA, including Piers, are then sent to the war-torn coastal Chinese city of Lanshiang.[1]

Jake's Campaign[]

Main article: Jake Story

December 24, 2012

Jake Muller is a mercenary from the fictional South-Slavic Edonian Liberation Army, who partners with Division of Security Operations (DSO) agent Sherry Birkin during a bio-terrorist attack. Sherry needs Jake's rare antibodies that could lead to an antidote for the C-Virus. In return, Jake demands $50 million. They encounter a powerful creature chasing them, and eventually meet up with the BSAA Alpha Team, led by captain Chris Redfield. However, their reunion is interrupted by an ambush of a J'avo army and behemoth-like B.O.W.'s.

Their extraction from Edonia is sabotaged by a B.O.W. named 'Ustanak', and they crash into the mountains. There, they discover that Sherry has a regenerative healing ability due to the dormant G-Virus in her system. Later, Neo Umbrella captures them, and "Ada Wong" reveals to Jake that his real father was bio-terrorist Albert Wesker. Over the next six months, Jake and Sherry are subjected to numerous tests by the bio-terrorist group.

June 30, 2013

Jake and Sherry manage to break out of the Neo Umbrella facility, only to find themselves in Lanshiang, China. Sherry manages to get in contact with her superiors and sets up a rendezvous in China. On the way over to the rendezvous, they both witness a U.S. Government plane crash into the city, where they find the two survivors of the crash, DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy and U.S. Secret Service Agent Helena Harper. There they find out that Sherry's boss, Derek C.Simmons, is the one behind the C-Virus bioterrorist attack. Sherry informs Leon that she is actually supposed to meet up with Simmons in Lanshiang. Before they can finish their conversation, they are attacked by the Ustanak, and once defeated the two pairs agree to meet up at the rendezvous point.

When Jake and Sherry finally arrive at the meet-up location, they find Leon and Helena in a face-off against Simmons, who readily admits that he is the one behind the outbreak and explains that he did it in order to maintain both U.S. and global stability. Simmons then proceeds to order his guards to shoot down Leon and Helena. While in cover, Leon asks Jake and Sherry to escape while they settle their personal score with Simmons. They leave, but not before Sherry hands Leon an SD card containing vital research information regarding Jake's antibodies. Jake and Sherry manage to escape, but are captured once again by Neo Umbrella.

July 1, 2013

Jake and Sherry find themselves trapped in Neo Umbrella's underwater facility at the bottom of the ocean. Thanks to a tip from Leon, BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans manage to find the underwater facility and free Jake and Sherry. Before they escape, Chris tells Jake that he not only knew his father, but he is also the one that killed him. Jake, now taken over by his emotions, reflexively pulls out his gun and proceeds to fire a one-off shot at Chris, just barely grazing Chris' face. Before the situation could get any more intense a massive B.O.W., Haos, awakens from his cocoon. Knowing how vital Jake's blood is, Chris tells Jake and Sherry to escape while him and Piers take on the creature. When trying to escape from the facility, the Ustanak shows up again for a final confrontation with Jake and Sherry. After finally putting down the Ustanak, they are able to escape from the facility.


Sometime later, Jake hands over Sherry a sample of his blood and disappears—though dropping his price down to only $50. The BSAA agrees to keep Jake's identity top secret, to ensure that nobody comes after him. Thanks to Jake's blood a vaccine for the C-Virus has been distilled, and the outbreak is gradually contained.

In the Secret Ending (which is obtained by completing Ada's campaign) we see that Jake continues the fight against the B.O.W.'s in an underdeveloped country (somewhere in the Middle East).

Ada's Campaign[]

Main article: Ada Story

Ada's campaign was originally unlocked following the completion of the three main campaigns, but it was patched to allow players to start it immediately. On every subsequent release of the game, Ada's campaign is available by default with no patch required.

It is the only campaign to lack a partner character (unless played in co-op and the second player takes control of "Agent"). In Ada's story, it is revealed that the Ada Wong that interacted with Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans was actually a doppelgänger, a scientist named Carla Radames, and that the real Ada Wong was aiding Leon S. Kennedy and Sherry Birkin while destroying the Neo Umbrella lab in Lanshiang. Although presumed dead, Carla tries one last attack against the real Ada, after having injected herself with a powerful dose of the C-Virus, but is killed. As Leon and Helena battle with Derek Simmons, Ada reaches the lab where Ada's clone was developed and destroys everything. She then receives a call from someone, accepting a new assignment. Unlike the other 3 campaigns, Ada's doesn't get an after-credits epilogue like the others, but instead unlocks a Secret Ending.


  1. While a number of earlier sources defined it as "ten years after" the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, later sources have confirmed it to take place in 2013, which happens to be ten years after the Raccoon Trials verdict.
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