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Review scores
Publication Score
Famitsu PS3: 39/40 (10/10/10/9)[1]
360: 39/40 (10/10/10/9)[2]
GameSpot 4.5/10[3]
Play Magazine PS3: 88/100[4][5]

Resident Evil 6 overall received mixed to positive reviews, with Japanese publishers being much more favourable.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the title a score of 39/40 (10/10/10/9), one point higher than it had rated it's predecessor, Resident Evil 5. Of one of the reviews it was said that the visuals were flashy thrilling, "...but there are new types of horror here, like people on the street turning into zombies one after the other." It said enemies were tough and the game made it important for the player to decide whether to fight or to flee.[6]

Play Magazine's review gave the game a score of 88/100, marking it as "a Resident Evil worthy of modern times" and proclaiming it to be "arguably the best co-op game available on PS3 alongside Borderlands 2." Although admitting that Chris' campaign was weak, it complimented Leon's campaign for action that "would never have been possible with the old Resident Evil framework." They also spoke highly of Jake's scenario, as well as Ada's campaign which was said to be "a surprisingly generous addition." The review ended by saying that Resident Evil fans of old might still find the title disappointing with its obvious lean towards action, however said, "Capcom finally has the confidence and know-how to pull it off. It's big, it's brutal, it's ballsy and most of all, it's back."[7]

Official PlayStation Magazine rated the game a 9/10 saying that it was a "glorious return" remarking that each campaign is "distinctly different" and that the game overall is "unforgettable." They also remarked that the stories for each campaign were "too goofy to take seriously," though were still engaging due to the fact that some of the characters have been so deeply-engrained in the lore for years.[8]

Negatively, Famitsu remarked that at times the game was too dark - even with brightness settings on the game and television turned to their max. One reviewer also cited camera-shaking as an issue that might concern gamers that are highly susceptible to 3D movies/games.

Play Magazine admitted that although Leon, Jake, and Ada's campaigns held up, Chris's campaign fell short and felt weak in comparison. It was also said that overall, the game was more Resident Evil 5 than Resident Evil 4 and that would likely come as a disappointment to many fans. Official PlayStation Magazine spoke negatively of the splitscreen co-op in the title, saying the camera made it extremely difficult to follow what was happening in the game and keep up with the action.

David Persians of Italian publication Insight Factor spoke very negatively of the game, remarking that even its good co-op and AI system and the ability to play as multiple characters does little to mask the negativity of the game. The reviewer also remarks that the control of characters feels wooden and that even with the ability to move and shoot, that "their mobility has not received any real optimization." He heavily criticized the concept of enemies with guns and related the game to the film The Expendables while relating the characters to Pinocchio. In the end, Persians remarks the game is a "kick to the balls for any purist" and pronounces that the Resident Evil series is officially dead joining the likes of Silent Hill and gives the title a 5/10.[9]

Other points of criticism by reviewers were the quick-time events, forcing the player to press buttons to avoid being killed by an enemy during close encounters. GameSpot's reviews complained that these events would be detrimental to inexperienced players, forcing them to restart areas all over again after only a few minutes of play.[3]


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