Resident Evil 6 is the next upcoming installment into the Resident Evil series. A poster was leaked onto the web on January 19th stating that the game will be released November 20th 2012; this was later confirmed via an official reveal trailer on Capcom's Youtube Page. However, the Captivate 2012 trailer has revealed that the release date has been put forward by over a month to October 2.


Not too much is known about the story as of now. The game takes place in 2013, some fifteen years after the US Government's destruction of Raccoon City,[3] [notes 1] and takes place in various places around the world.

In United States - the President is about to "come clean" over the incident in Raccoon City in a seminar at Ivy University, Tall Oaks, when he himself mutates into a zombie. A man at the university guides Leon and his partner, Helena Harper, through the campus in the search for his missing daughter; during the search he begins to make suspicious complaints of skin irritation. They eventually find his daughter, only for her to turn into a zombie and eat her father in an elevator before turning on Leon. During the incident in the city, Leon is informed by Hunnigan that the city has been overrun, and that some 70,000 people are expected to have become infected.

In the Eastern European state of Edonia, Jake Muller, the son of eugenicist; virologist and bioterrorist Albert Wesker, flees from the authorities during a bioterrorist attack. During Jake's adventure, he partners up with Sherry Birkin, daughter of the deceased Dr. William Birkin - a research partner of Albert's.

Chris Redfield and the B.S.A.A. are in a war-torn China, around the coastal Chinese city of Lanshiang,[3] some six months after the incident in Europe. At this time, his; Leon's and Jake's paths converge.



An image of the apparent logo for Resident Evil 6 was first leaked at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 22nd 2011 accompanied by the date; September 15th 2011, fueling speculation that the game will be formally announced at the Tokyo Game Show on that date. Despite the convincing rumors, there was no official sight of Resident Evil 6 at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. The first public trailer was released on January 29, 2012.

In response to the positive reaction to the trailer, according to Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the development staff were encouraged to speed up their work on the game to such an extent that it would be expected to hit stores earlier; its expected release date was brought a month and a half earlier as a result.[4]

In Chinese actress Wendy Monk's VC it is said that she voices a woman of a tribe that turns into a zombie during some part of Resident Evil 6.

Also, according to his curriculum, it appears that Joe Cappalletti will be voicing a character.

On January 9, 2012, Gamestop started placing posters of the game in their store, which then people took pictures of. The release date is reported to be 11.20.12.

The game is one of Capcom's largest-development games, with some 600 people involved in production.[2]

Zombies will be the common enemies in game, however they were not infected with the t-Virus.

Producers Eiichiou and Yoshiaki said that they traveled to China to recreate a more realistic feeling of a Chinese city for Langshiang. Also they estated that "someone" is behind the outbreaks.


File:Dual Weild.png

Based on the reveal trailer, the gameplay in this game will be similar to Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, with an over the shoulder style camera, but at the same time it seems the gameplay will feature Move and Shot instead of TANK Controls, and Chris gameplay hint about new cover mechanics. The player will get to play as different characters, though whether they will switch throughout the story or if they will have separate stories (a la Resident Evil 2) remains to be seen.


The ability to dual-wield certain weapons is being implemented by Capcom, as evident by Leon holding two handguns in the January announcement trailer, also the trailer hints about being able to use several CQC moves and Melee Weapons(like Axe, also seen in Leon's footage). The dodge system from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: Revelations also returns, allowing the player to evade enemies attacks.


In a scene depicting Chris' portion of the game, he is seen performing a slide to reach a cover point. Leon also perform this new ability later in the trailer.

Viral Marketing

NoHopeLeft, a site that has been active since before January 12, documents various spottings of signs saying "NoHopeLeft" over the world, as well as featuring a Chinese woman in a panic, wishing that her lover would come home soon. The latest post on the website links to a Youtube playlist for the official RE6 trailer, confirming it is indeed an advertisement for it.


Capcom has announced that there will be a demo for Resident Evil 6, which can be downloaded with codes when purchasing the Xbox port of Dragon's Dogma, which will be released in May, with the beta starting on July 3.[5]

A more public demo of Resident Evil 6 is currently scheduled for release on PlayStation Network (and possibly on Xbox Live Marketplace, too) on September 5, 2012.[5]



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  1. While a number of earlier sources defined it as "ten years after" the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, later sources have confirmed it to take place in 2013, which happens to be ten years after the Raccoon Trials verdict.
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