"Download the official Resident Evil 6 PC Benchmark and see if your system is ready for Capcom's latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise!"
— Steam Store description.

RE6 Steam Benchmark tool

The Resident Evil 6 Benchmark Tool is a free demo available on Steam, its purpuse is for testing how a computer handles the game - there is no gameplay to it, the main content are three panoramic real-time scenes that can't be interacted with while the UI text shows the current frames, with a graph below displaying where the frame was dropped accompanied by the computer's specs. Once the scenes are over, a score is shown and a rank is displayed, the better the performance was, the higher the rank is. Depending on the rank given, a different text is displayed, rank S for example has the following text: "The game runs exceptionally well, even at higher resolutions."

The benchmark tool also includes the following:

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