Resident Evil 6 - Second trailer

Shown at Captivate 2012 in April 2012, this Resident Evil 6 trailer provided much more detail into the overall plot of the game.

New information

Much can be dissected from this trailer, from both character backstory to in-game events.

Jake is the son of Albert Wesker, and thus shares some of his father's special genes - this elaborates upon why his blood was shown to be sought-after in the previous trailer. Sherry Birkin is shown to be a US government agent protecting Jake as "security detail".

The events at the beginning of Jake's game take place six months prior to Leon's journey to China, in which he and Helena have Hunnigan fake their deaths in order to continue their investigation in secret

The new virus, already confirmed to not be "t" is revealed to be the "C-Virus".

The unidentified woman in the trailer is shown to both help and attack the B.S.A.A. during their investigation. While she uncovers Jake's heritage, she is also revealed to be "that bitch" who kills some of Chris' men in the earlier trailer.

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