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Resident Evil 6 Signature Series Guide is a BradyGames guidebook released alongside Resident Evil 6.


Part I - Briefing

Pages 2 to 23 show an overview of the story in Resident Evil 6, an introduction to the playable characters, the controls on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers and an overall explanation on the HUD, in-game menus and many gameplay features.

Part II - Campaign

Pages 24 to 259 displays in-depth walkthroughs of each chapter in the game. It includes detailed maps and information on where each item is located, this includes ammo, herbs, key items and Serpent Emblems.

Part III - Dog Tags

Pages 260 to 269 includes a complete list of Dog Tags from the Main Campaign, The Mercenaries and Agent Hunt. This includes all templates, emblems and titles, as well as their "levels" and what actions are needed to complete in order to level them up.

Part IV - Extra Content

Pages 270 to 297 show an in-depth look on the two Extra Content modes, The Mercenaries and Agent Hunt. In the Agent Hunt section, it display all controls for each creature as well as which creatures are playable in each chapters, in the "Stages & Goals" pages, it gives tips on the playable stages of Agent Hunt.

In The Mercenaries section, it shows a very in-depth graph on the point system, displaying how many points a boss creature gives when killed in each combo number, for example. There is also a small table showing how to unlock each character in the mode and the buyable skills. Further into the section is a guide on each chapter; it displays all characters and their different loadouts and different general strategies for all of them, however, the Agent is not mentioned in the guide since he was released in a patch later.

After this character section there is also a map section, similar to the Part II - Campaign section of the guide, there are also maps displaying each item available, "Item Boxes" as they call it (the destroyable objects that give ammo or herbs) and Time / Combo Bonuses. Each map has its own page detailing a strategy and a list of all enemies in the stage plus the secret boss and the requirement to make it spawn.

Part V - Appendices

In the final part of the guide, pages 298 to 330 show a list of the following:

  • Campaign, Mercenaries and Agent Hunt skills - including their prices and what they do at each level.
  • A list of healing items and Skill Points pick-ups available in the game.
  • A detailed list of weapons available in the game, including how much damage they do per hit.
  • A complete list of all enemies encountered in the game, and tips on how to deal with each of them.
  • A complete list of the Campaign Medals available in the game and how to get each of them.
  • A list of all awards in the game, and a small section with tips on how to get the more time-consuming ones.