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Unlike most Resident Evil titles, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard strictly follows a first-person perspective. The game allows use of Sony's PSVR Headset to play in VR mode, as well as other VR Headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Capcom has stated that non-VR players won't have an experience any different from those who play with VR capabilities enabled.

Game modes

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard features a standard main game that players progress through and can save progress during, as well two other shorter scenarios, Not A Hero and End of Zoe that have their own save files. All other games modes use the same core game controls and rules except "21" which functions almost entirely differently.


Standard controls include movement, change looking direction, pause game, interact, cancel, reload, that behave relatively expected ways. Specific controls include running which can be done indefinitely, an attack button which will do inaccurate hip fire with firearms but wide slashes with melee weapons, an aim button which allows for precise shots with firearms, slower but stronger attacks with melee weapons, and swapping ammo types when combined with the reload action.

A new guard command which braces your character against attacks to reduce damage but restricts movement, and a crouch button which can be used to avoid attacks.

An open inventory button and an open map/files command which are both navigated in real time. Also like previous titles, a dedicated "use recovery item" button but only works with certain items.


Like most titles since Resident Evil 4, a background Rank system is present that adjusts difficulty during gameplay.

Health auto recovers up to a certain value. The player can have their leg chopped off and enter a type of bleeding state they must recover from.

Item boxes return and allows the player to store items and pick them back up elsewhere.

During Not A Hero and End of Zoe, the player has access to a specific set of regular and contextual melee attacks.

Game screen

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard uses a restricted heads up display. While not in combat or aiming a weapon, nothing will be displayed, otherwise only an ammo counter will be present and a reference menu will be shown while switching weapons.

Other displayed info only includes arrows for intractable objects when standing close by, a telephone icon if the player has toggled it to appear in the options menu, and blood stains on the screen if the player has been damaged.


Unlike in previous games such as Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Capcom decided to limit the use of firearms in the game.[1] Firearm mechanics in Resident Evil 7 have more in common with those of older Resident Evil titles, as ammunition is scarce and certain more powerful weapons require extra effort (and sometimes resources) on the player's part to acquire.

It can take a significant amount of firepower to down an enemy, and ammo conservation via aiming for the head is heavily encouraged. Enemies circumvent this by attempting to dodge, swaying their bodes in an erratic fashion, or even using their arms to block their heads from attack. In this regard, the game also encourages the player to attempt to evade enemies when possible.

Resident Evil 7 features a modest selection of weapons, ranging from knives, handguns, shotguns, and an SMG to special weapons like a grenade launcher and a flamethrower referred to as a "Burner."



Health in game is tracked by a combination of blood build up on the player's user interface, and from an electronic Codex on the player's left arm. This Codex emulates early series entries by giving a rough estimate of the player's health depicted by a colored ECG; green indicating full or high health, and yellow, orange, or red indicating significant damage.

Like most Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard features Green Herbs. Using unaltered Green Herbs will restore a small portion of health. However, Green Herbs can be combined with Chem Fluid or Strong Chem Fluid to create far more potent First-Aid Meds or Strong First-Aid Meds, respectively, which heal for significantly more and can be used outside of the inventory, including during combat. The use of First-Aid Meds is depicted with an animation showing the player character dousing their hands with it.


Ammunition in-game is scarce. Handgun Bullets tend to be the most common type of ammunition. All other ammo types are significantly rarer, further encouraging conservation of ammo in combat. Some ammo types can be crafted with the usage of Chem Fluids and other base components, such as using Gunpowder and a Chem Fluid to create Handgun Bullets. This crafting system also allows the player to craft significantly more potent ammo with the usage of the much rarer Strong Chem Fluid, though some ammo cannot be crafted, such as Shotgun and Magnum ammo.


Puzzle solving is a core component of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The player will have to navigate and solve puzzles to advance the plot and/or open up areas of the residence. Puzzles range from rotating items in order to cast a shadow matching a symbol, to solving riddles.

Search and collection

In addition to the search and collection of files and documents, an alternative is presented in the form of VHS tapes. Like the files, these are optional, but are offer a greater understanding of the story, in addition to providing the player with a level of foresight of areas yet to be discovered. However, unlike simple files, VHS tapes allow the player control of the character recording the film, as first shown in the Beginning Hour teaser.[2] With this control, the player can minorly alter the events recorded in the tapes in order to change things in the present, similar in concept to the "Zapping System" originally featured in Resident Evil 2 and revisited later in the series.


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