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Further notes
  • This is the first game in the series to fully support the Arabic language (Text only) possibly due to many events being held out in Dubai such as Resident Evil: Bio Terror and the director and producer of the game conducting reviews with fans and gaming journalists there. The director also expressed how he enjoys the traditional Arab dress (thawb and ghetra) and wore it during his stay.
  • There are two versions of BIOHAZARD 7 in Japan. The standard is a censored version in keeping with usual CERO restrictions. A second, "Grotesque Ver.", is an adults-only edition with increased gore, though not as much as the American version..
  • This is the first game in the series to use Denuvo protection on PC. This later caused controversy for Denuvo as it took less than a week to crack the game's DRM, making it quickly available to digital piracy.
  • Capcom collaborated with numskull to release official merchandise based on the game. This included t-shirts, keychains, wallets, hats, heat sensitive mugs and a scented candle for use with the game's VR peripheral that are described as being the official scent of the Baker Ranch.