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Resident Evil Ambassador, also known as the Resident Evil Ambassador Program, is a free subscription-based program for news regarding the Resident Evil franchise, as well as for fans to share Resident Evil content on social media. It was launched by Capcom on June 13/14, 2016 during the 20th Anniversary of the series.[1][2] Users can register with a Capcom Account (RE.NET) and Twitter account and must be age 17 or older.


After the registration process, users obtain their own page and a card displaying their number and registration date. Ambassadors will also start receiving promotional e-mails about the Resident Evil series (for example, in 2016, ambassadors received a teaser e-mail about the Dummy Finger within the Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour after the demo had been downloaded over two million times).[3]

In 2019, Japanese ambassadors received an e-mail from the program which invited them to test a game that was still in development.[4] This game turned out to be Resident Evil: Resistance.

During a promotional campaign with CLUB96, ambassadors had double the chance to win an invitation to the BIOHAZARD THE EXTREME attraction at Universal Studios Japan.[5]

On September 2019, PS4 users had to sign up to the ambassador program in order to register for the Project Resistance closed beta.[6]

In August 21, 2020, the UNDER THE UMBRELLA project was announced via an e-mail sent to ambassadors, it was launched the same day on RESIDENT EVIL.NET.[7]

On January 2021, users had to sign up to the ambassador program in order to register for theResident Evil RE:Verse closed beta. The higher the user's rank, the bigger the chance they would be selected for the beta.[8]

2020 update

On January 1, 2020, the site had a major update where users could now "rank up" based on certain actions, and the user's card could be customized for the first time. The customization include the following:

On April 2020, the cards were changed slightly to include words that would make out "#Stayhome" and "#Playgame", this being a reference to the state of the world at the time due to COVID-19.

Each of these images will change to another once the user reaches the platinum rank, with the Zombie image turning into an Albert Wesker image with his look from Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

The icon image can also be changed, users may choose either their Twitter, RESIDENT EVIL.NET or Resident Evil Portal profile pictures as the icon.

There are currently four ranks in the system, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Bronze is the default rank, with users requiring 200 points to rank up to Silver, 500 for Gold and 1000 for Platinum. Users with the Platinum rank will be eligible to certain privileges related to the series which may include:

  • An invitation to a play test.
  • An invitation to "Ambassadors Discussions".
  • A priority over other visitors present at game shows (in terms of play testing).
  • An invitation to general events.

On June 25, 2020, the site had another small update. The background was changed to that of Resident Evil Village and a new "Earned Points History" section was added at the bottom of the user's page which displays where and when every point was earned.

Halloween 2020

The card given during Halloween 2020.

Between October 22 - November 03, 2020, the Halloween promotion was available where users could obtain a special card based on a lottery system. Every time an user would log in to the site, they had a pre-determined chance of winning the new card, this chance was increased based on the user's rank:

  • Platinum: 1/1
  • Gold: 1/50
  • Silver: 1/100
  • Bronze: 1/500

Rank Up Information

In order to rank up, users may do the following:

  • 50 points - Bonus points given by registering for Resident Evil Portal and registering for the Ambassador Program.
  • 100 points - Link a Twitter after registering for the Ambassador Program.
  • 100 points - Follow the REBHPortal brand account on Twitter.
  • 1 points - Make a post on Twitter with the hashtag "#REBHFun". Only a total of 5 points can be earned per day.
  • 100 points - Find all 20 Charlie Dolls in the Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo between March 19 - April 3, 2020.[9]

If an user experiences issues with their account or points, they may use a special form set up by Capcom in order to contact the Ambassador Program Support.[10]

The message displayed if an user has enough points to reach the platinum rank. The date shown changes depending on when the user reached the point requirement.

Once users obtain enough points to reach the platinum rank, they will not be ranked up automatically. A notice would appear on the site which stated that a decision would be made around June 10, 2020 in terms of who would qualify to the platinum rank.[11] Ambassadors received an e-mail on this date which gave them information about the platinum rank and that the selection criteria would not be made public.[12] Ever since then, any user who had enough points to reach the platinum rank would see a message on the site stating what date the decision for them to rank up would be made.

The Umbrella logo with the Mr. Raccoon inside.

After the user reaches the platinum rank, the point system will be gone and instead an Umbrella logo with a small Mr. Raccoon within it will take its place. As the user keeps earning points, the Mr. Raccoon will appear more and more on the logo. It is unknown what happens once the Umbrella logo completely vanishes.

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