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The script to Resident Evil CODE:Veronica was written in 1998 by Flagship writers Noboru SugimuraHirohisa SodaJunichi MiyashitaAkira AsakaHideyuki Ishizeki and Yasuyuki Suzuki, with Takuya Shiraiwa hired to translate their work. Below is a list of anomalous translations by Shiraiwa, and includes elements which were inaccurately translated or made-up.


At the end of the game's first half, Alfred remotely hijacks Rockfort Island's air fleet and transmits a message to their crews, including Steve and Claire. Claire's response in the original script is shock to see Alfred, exclaiming "Alfred! This is your doing!" ("アルフレッド!あなたの仕業ね!"). In the localised version she instead shouts "Alfred, you cross-dressing freak!".


In Alexander's Memo, Edward Ashford is said to have performed extensive research on the Progenitor Virus. In the localisation, he and Oswell E. Spencer mutually performed this research on the virus, referred to here as the "Mother Virus". While the Japanese script indicates that a mutated strain of the virus is now called the "t-Virus", the localisation suggests that it was Spencer and Ashford that gave it its name. While Umbrella is referred to as "Umbrella Pharmaceuticals", the localisation changes it to "Umbrella Chemical, Inc.". Alexander is said to have specialised in Genetic Engineering in the Japanese script, though the localisation states that he Majored in University at "biogenetics".

The Newspaper Clip in the Japanese script describes how Alexia Ashford graduated from a prestigious university at the age of ten, and is now being considered for a job at Umbrella Pharmaceuticals as a senior researcher. In the localisation, she is said to have graduated "top of her class", and has been offered the position of the more-definitive-sounding "head researcher". Again, it replaces "Umbrella Pharmaceuticals" with "Umbrella Chemical, Inc."

In the Worker's Diary, the November 3 entry has the unnamed worker express his dissatisfaction towards Alfred Ashford. In the original script, he criticises Alfred's apparent incompetence as facility director; in the localisation, he states that Alfred doesn't deserve forgiveness for cancelling his vacation time, as he feels he wasn't treated as a human being.

While the Alloy Report refers to a "corrosion-resistant" alloy, its localisation refers to its property as "anti-decay".

The TG-01 Product Description was expanded in one section to further explain the meaning of "entry/exit"; that is, the gates and terminals in airports (particularly international).

In Secretary's Note, Robert Dawson is referred to as "Robert Dorson".