Resident Evil CODE:Veronica #1, otherwise known as "BOOK ONE",[note 1] is the first issue of a comic book adaptation of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, and was published in July 2002 as a translated volume of earlier licensed comics printed in Hong Kong.

Issue #1, referred to on the front cover as "Book One", consists of 144 pages, telling the parts of the story from Claire's capture and how she is sent to Rockfort Island, until she uses the Eagle Plate to get into the building behind the guillotine stand. The story overall is the same as the game, with a more muscular design for the Bandersnatchs, a Claire that shouts a lot and very little backtracking. The story of Book One ends with Steve Burnside thinking that Claire is dead, after killing a zombie that looked just like her.


Raccoon City has been destroyed by a t-Virus outbreak instigated by the Umbrella Corporation.[note 2] Claire Redfield survived the events, and has continued onwards in her search for her missing brother, Chris. Three months after the city's destruction, Claire has been captured by Umbrella forces and is being transported to a prison island, under the identification number "WKD4496". She is then knocked unconscious by the transporting officer.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Claire was apprehended while trespassing in Umbrella's Paris lab ten days earlier, believing her brother, Chris to be there. She was eventually captured by their security forces and brought to the island for further interrogation.

Waking up in a prison cell, the ground begins to shake and the light flickers; she believes there to be an earthquake. Soon after a man walks into the room, shaded by the dim lighting. She uses her lighter to see the man -the same one who captured her- looking back at her from the other side of the cell. He unlocks it to let her free, something she doesn't understand. He reveals his name to be Rodrigo, who has been injured outside and is relying on hemostatic medicine to keep him going. The island has been attacked by an unidentified enemy; Rodrigo suspects it to be a special fores team. The Umbrella security forces on the island have been eliminated; he suspects only a dozen people to remain alive and uninfected, maximum. He explains further that he only let Claire out simply because he doesn't want her to die in a 'cage'.



  • Lee Chung Hing - Writer
  • Hui King Sum - Writer, Art
  • Ted Adams - English dialogue (WildStorm version)
  • Kris Oprisko - English dialogue (WildStorm version)
  • Cindy Chapman - Letterer (WildStorm version)
  • Robbie Robbins - Letterer (WildStorm version)
  • Larry Berry - Design/Cover design (WildStorm version)

Further notes

  • This book was based on the first five volumes of the manhua.
  • Claire does not want the Gold Lugers from Steve because she needs them, she just wants them and discovers their use afterwards. Steve never actually asks for the Sub Machine Guns, Claire asks for the trade.
  • Steve and Claire can fight using kicks. In the original game, Steve only kicked a Bandersnatch once and Claire could not kick at all.
  • Steve finds one of Claire's gloves near the guillotine stands and thinks she has been killed, and kills a zombie that looks exactly like her. No further explanation is given as to why the zombie looks and dresses just like Claire. However, after Steve finds her alive, he thinks he may have "Been seeing things".
  • In the course of the Official Comic Magazine (1998-'99) and Fire and Ice (2000-'01), it was established that the products of the G-Virus are identical to those of the T-Virus (with the exception of William Birkin and his offspring), with the differences being that "G" can be transmitted between individuals and makes the infected more aggressive.[citation needed] 2002's Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, however, establishes that Raccoon City was decimated by the T-Virus.


  1. The copyright details differ from the first page
  2. In the WildStorm continuity virtually every viral outbreak is intentional, and is reflected in their translation of the manhua

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