Resident Evil - Code Veronica X *Ending*

Resident Evil - Code Veronica X *Ending*

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica ending

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene to Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.



Albert Wesker: "Hehe."
Claire Redfield: "Chris..."
Wesker: "Move."
Chris Redfield: "Claire! No!"

Claire: "Chris!"
Wesker: "Well done, Chris. It turns out Alexia's work wasn't much of anything."
"So now, the only thing revenge."
Chris: "Let her go, Wesker! You don't want her."
Wesker: "Fine..."
Chris: "Claire."
Wesker: "Today's a good day. I came for Alexia. But, killing you is even better."
Chris: "Sorry to disappoint you. But gone!"
Wesker: "That's no longer a concern to me. I have Steve to work with..."
Claire: "What...?"
Chris: "Steve...?"
Wesker: "In his body there's still a little T-Alexia Virus."
"Steve should be a good specimen. Maybe he'll come back alive, just as I did and be able to see your sister again."
Chris: "You freak!"
Claire: "Don't you touch him!"
Wesker: "I'm sorry, dear heart... But my men have already taken him."
Chris: "You get out of here, Claire."
Claire: "But, what about..."
Chris: "As a surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., I have to finish this."
Claire: "Okay... Remember your promise."
Chris: "I'll end this once and for all. Say hello to my comrades you've killed."
Wesker: "I don't know where you get your confidence, Chris."

Computer Voice: "The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel evacuate immediately."

Wesker: "Hehe."
"Sure I'm not human anymore, but just look at the power I've gained!"
"Magnificent, don't you think?"
"Nice try."
Chris: "Wesker..."
Wesker: "Today's your lucky day. Next time we meet, don't count on another..."
Chris: "Next time..."
Wesker: "Until we meet again! Hehehehe..."

Claire: "Chris..."
"Where are you...?"
Chris: "Hey, you know I always keep my promises."
Claire: "Hehe."
"Chris, promise me... Please promise that you won't leave me alone again."
Chris: "I'm sorry, Claire. But it's not over yet. There's still something we've got to do."
Claire: "You mean..."
Chris: "Yeah! It's payback time! We gotta destroy Umbrella! Now, let's finish this once...and for all!"

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