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Resident Evil Confidential Report, known as Biohazard confidential report (バイオハザード confidential report?) in Japan, or otherwise as Resident Evil Confidential Report File #1, is a turn-based strategy game series by Capcom released for the mobile phone in 2006 and is another installment in the Resident Evil franchise. Currently the series contains four titles.

Confidential Report is markedly different from its predecessors: it uses turn-based movement and combat utilizing a grid system. Like Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, each game features two scenarios with two different characters.


  • Tyler Hamilton - A rookie RPD officer, Tyler had been assigned to guard an Umbrella laboratory. After the explosion that released the virus trapped Tyler, he made a desperate bid to escape back to the police station. After escaping, Tyler responded to the distress call from the school dormitory and surmised that no student would have the number for the emergency hotline and sets out to investigate.
  • Naomi McClain - An FBI Agent who was outside of the police station at the time of the explosion. She had come to Raccoon City to uncover the truth of Umbrella's experiments and after the explosion, sets off into the facility to recover her missing informants. When Tyler receives the distress call from the school, Naomi intercepts it and decodes a message from an informant.


Rookie cop Tyler Hamilton has been assigned to guard the Umbrella Storage Facility in Raccoon City when an explosion from underground rocks the foundations. Tyler is knocked down, and trapped inside the Storage Facility, however as he wakes up he notices hoards of the undead coming towards him.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent, Naomi McClain has been sent into the city to investigate the experiments of this facility, and locate what the previous agent could not; concrete evidence direct from secret FBI informants working within Umbrella's ranks.


Further notes

  • The game has many similarities with the three first numbered titles, mainly with Resident Evil 2:
    • Much like Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, Confidential Report allows the player to choose, from the start, who they would like to play as.
  • Much like Resident Evil 2 and ''Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Tyler and Naomi will cross paths several times in the game, much like Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, they'll interact but never stay with one another.
    • Tyler Hamilton has similarities to Leon S. Kennedy such as wearing practically the same RPD uniform and being a rookie officer and it being his first day on the job when the outbreak occurs.
    • In Confidential Report, players will travel to the RPD and an Umbrella Lab, much like Resident Evil 2.
  • This is the first Resident Evil game where you fight human enemies, the USS agents.

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