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Resident Evil Gaiden (バイオハザード外伝 Baiohazado Gaiden?) is a Resident Evil game for the Game Boy Color first released on December 14, 2001. While the technical implementation of the title was done by the now defunct British company M4 Limited, two employees of Capcom were involved with the development as well. Shinji Mikami served as an adviser for the game and the story was created by Hiroki Katō, the director of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1] This game is non-canon, as its plot is contradicted by the main series in key parts, and its events are ignored.[2]


Reg tyrant

The "Tyrant" that appears in-game

  • Barry Burton: A former officer of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service, Barry has been sent to the Starlight to find Leon, who was missing and had lost contact with HQ, and to find evidence about a new B.O.W. developed by Umbrella Corporation.
  • Lucia: A mysterious young girl found on the ship, she has the newly developed Umbrella B.O.W. inside her body.
  • Leon Scott Kennedy: Former RPD officer, Leon is now enlisted in the anti-Umbrella group. He is sent in to investigate the mysterious ocean liner Starlight. HQ Lost contact with him shortly after he arrived.
  • HQ: A radio operative from HQ that aids Barry and Leon in their mission
  • Captain: The Captain of a submarine sent by Umbrella to retrieve Lucia.
  • "B.O.W.": A Tyrant sent by Umbrella to retrieve Lucia too, he causes the outbreak in both the Umbrella submarine and the Starlight.


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