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Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. is an online game for the iPhone Operating System (iOS). It ran on the Mascot Capsule game engine. The game features the locations and enemies of the Resident Evil 4 and cast of Resident Evil 5 of the Mercenaries mini-game.


Upon opening the game, players will be prompted to select a player name which will be shown during matches and on friend lists. This name can be changed any time. The default name is "VERSUS" and there is a ten character limit.

There is a preview trailer for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

Game modes[]

  • Free For All -
  • Team -
  • Training - singple player versions of Team and Free For All with bots
  • Coin Shoot - single player only

Commands and mechanics[]

The Menace Gauge allows players to spawn and enemy creature that targets the other players.

There is a Dodge command.


There are three playable characters, and each has a designated load out of weapons and items. Weapons can not be removed from the inventory.

Name Loadout Melee attack, Grounded attack Notes
Chris Ithaca M37, M92F, Hand Grenade (5), Handgun Ammo (50), Shotgun Ammo (15), First Aid Spray Uppercut, Stomp
Jill PX4, MP5, Flash Grenade (5), Handgun Ammo (25), Machine Gun Ammo (100), First Aid Spray High Kick, Double Knee Press Knife attack is faster
Wesker P8, M500, Hydra, Proximity Bomb, Proximity Bomb, Handgun Ammo (50), Magnum Ammo (5), Shotgun Ammo (10) Cobra Strike Has access to a Jaguar Dash at the cost of a little health and the melee attack Knee Cannon.

Action items[]

  • Attack Up - "Attack strength has been temporarily increased"
  • Power Up -
  • Fog -
  • Bombs - Places Proximity Bombs across the map


Name Radio contact Basic enemies Menace creature
Docks Hunnigan Ganado (Villager) Chainsaw Man
Fortress Mike Ganada (Soldier), can be equiped with nothing, Shield, Crossbow, Axe, Stunrod, and possibly spawn Plaga Gatling Gun Man
Castle Ashley Ganado (Fanatic) Ganado (Priest)




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