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Resident Evil Original Soundtrack Remix, known in Japan as the BIO HAZARD SOUND TRACK REMIX (バイオハザード サウンドトラック リミックス?), is the soundtrack for the 1996 game, Resident Evil (known as "BIO HAZARD" in Japan).

The album was re-released for a European and American audience by Pioneer LDCE and Viz Music, respectively. All compositions were rearranged by Makoto Tomozawa and mixed in QSound technology.

The music itself was composed by Makoto Tomozawa; Akari Kaida, and Masami Ueda. Of the team, only Masami Ueda returned to the series.

Track listing[]

Track listing
No. TitleSection Length
1. "Terror (Darkness Lives)"  OPENING~Cast Roll Overseas Version~ 0:57
2. "At Deep Mountains and Dark Valleys, the Night Begins"  MANSION 5:02
3. "The One Who Survives"    2:59
4. "Fatal Bite"    0:34
5. "Wandering About"    3:07
6. "A Testator"    0:22
7. "The Moonlight Sonata"    4:25
8. "Yawn"    1:17
9. "Peace of Mind"    2:42
10. "Dismal Field"  COURTYARD 1:31
11. "Ivies' Domain"  GUARDHOUSE 3:22
12. "Vacant Flat"    3:04
13. "What You Hear Is..."    1:52
14. "Flooded Corridor"    3:24
15. "Plant 42"    1:09
16. "Deception"    1:29
17. "Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One)"  MANSION 0:44
18. "Queer Structure"    4:11
19. "Sigh of Relief"    1:30
20. "Narrow and Close"    1:14
21. "Trust or Not"  UNDERGROUND 1:05
22. "Requiem"    1:50
23. "Concealed Passage"    1:51
24. "Black Tiger"    1:28
25. "The Depth (Far from the Sun)"  LAVORATORY[note 1] 2:03
26. "Disclosed Secret"    0:34
27. "Concrete Bound"    2:15
28. "Double-crosser"    0:53
29. "Treat to Awful Fright"    1:56
30. "10 Minutes Until Explosion"    1:04
31. "Finally the Two Met"    0:29
32. "5 Minutes Until Explosion"    0:51
33. "Tyrant"    1:39
34. "Still Dawn"  ENDING~Staff Roll Overseas Version~ 3:12

Japanese booklet[]

The booklet provided with the game included added backstory for the game. Most noticeably is the existence of a larger S.T.A.R.S. organization reaching out much further than Raccoon City; taken from Western sources that established their iterations also as national organizations.

Albert Wesker is described as a man who ascended quickly through the organization's ranks, later founding the Raccoon City branch. Barry Burton's former employment as a SWAT member is brought up.

Chris Redfield is established as having been discharged from the US Air Force, and befriending Barry while a drifter. Barry later recruited him for the "newly-formed" S.T.A.R.S. organization. He; Barry and Jill Valentine were later reassigned to the Raccoon City branch.


Further notes[]

Masami Ueda is the only member of the original composing team who continued on to score several more entries in the Resident Evil series.


  1. Misspelling present in booklet

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