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Further notes
  • In NTSC American (US) version of the game; several character Ad-libs removed.
  • In NTSC American (US) version of the game; the game will freeze when trying to use Alyssa Ashcroft's Ad-libs will cause the game to freeze during the Outbreak scenario and only in front of J's Bar, the area behind the apartments, and Slope along the canal.
  • Many of the audio files of the enemies were recycled from earlier games. Particularly Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
  • The Outbreak series is also the first game not to feature the characteristic “bleed feature” on zombies to signal that they were dead. Zombies simply disappear after being killed.
  • The Outbreak series is also among the least graphic of the Resident Evil games. Despite having powerful weapons such as magnum revolvers, shotguns, and even explosives, zombies and other enemies cannot be decapitated or mutilated. The same goes for the main characters. The most common way of getting killed is after sustaining enough damage, simply collapsing to the ground the letting the t-Virus level reach 100% despite the severity of the attack received.
  • Resident Evil Outbreak has the same voice action commands used in their game Haunting Ground. Since Haunting Ground is also made by CAPCOM it is most likely that they both used the same engine and features from outbreaks command system were carried over when designing the partner system for the games two main protagonist's Fiona & Hewie.
  • An Early Trailer for the game shows that players could venture outside the hospital in the hive scenario as well as some other environments which were completely removed from the game including what looks to be a hotel and a back alley which didn't show in outbreak file 1  or 2


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