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Resident Evil Outbreak takes place over five scenarios ranging from the beginning of the outbreak to the moment when Raccoon City is destroyed by the United States government. The connections between scenarios are usually unclear.


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Outbreak starts inside J's Bar, shortly after HUNK's team is wiped out by the mutated William Birkin.

Below Freezing Point

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Below Freezing Point takes place inside William Birkin's underground laboratory. Yoko has led survivors to the train tunnel at the bottom of the lab. The survivors are confronted by an Umbrella researcher named Monica, who demands Yoko's Umbrella ID card at gunpoint. Monica flees with a carrying case containing the G-Virus, and the survivors are left to fend for themselves.

The Hive

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The Hive takes place in the Raccoon General Hospital, which will later be visited by Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3. The survivors are holed up on the hospital's third floor while a doctor named Hersh attempts to restore power to the elevator. No sooner is power restored, however, when Hersh is attacked by a writhing, coherent mass of Leeches. The leeches swarm over his body, transforming him into the nigh-unstoppable "Leech Man" who pursues the survivors throughout the hospital as they seek to escape through the lower levels.


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Hellfire takes place inside the Apple Inn, a three-story hotel built around a central courtyard. As the survivors seek refuge in the courtyard, the hotel's boiler explodes, damaging the door to the street and trapping the survivors in the hotel. The survivors navigate their way through the building, which has been transformed into an inferno by the explosion.

Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions, Decisions is the final scenario in Outbreak and takes place at Raccoon University. At a "rescue station," George sees a note from his friend Peter, asking for his help at the university. George and the survivors make their way there.


Outbreak has a total of 40 ending cutscenes, with all eight characters having four endings each based on how the final level was played. In the "Hopeful Ending", the player is cured of the t-Virus infection and is able to provide the Daylight vaccine to the world. In "Remorseful Ending", the player is cured, but they have no sample left to prevent another outbreak. In "Chopper Zombie", the player has not been cured of their infection and attacks the fire-fighters on the helicopter.

A special ending also appears for online players, allowing certain pairings of uncured characters to have their own ending cutscenes. There are only four basic versions (Kevin/Jim; David/Mark; Cindy/George and Yoko/Alyssa), but the player character of either will hear their own character's monologue, making 16 total special endings.

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