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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, known as Biohazard Outbreak File 2 (バイオハザード アウトブレイク ファイル2 baiohazādo autobureiku fairu 2?) in Japan, is an online game for the PlayStation 2 which was first released in September 2004 in Japan. It is a sequel and expansion on Resident Evil Outbreak, which was originally envisioned as a much larger game before being cut into multiple releases, containing levels which failed to be completed in time for the original game's release. The same eight characters from the first title return with similar abilities, and the game takes place once again in a zombie-run Raccoon City.

While the first title was a reasonable success worldwide, File #2 failed to satisfy the Japanese market even with its offer of a pre-order promotional demo of Devil May Cry 3.[1] Consequently, it was decided that the remaining unfinished levels for the original game were to be shelved.


Character Name Voice Actors
Kevin Ryman Bob Buchholz
Mark Wilkins Dean Wein
Jim Chapman Kevin Seymour
George Hamilton Dave Mallow
David King Joe Romersa
Alyssa Ashcroft Wendee Lee
Yoko Suzuki Stephanie Sheh
Cindy Lennox Michelle Ruff
Al Lester Dan Lorge

Regional Differences[]

In the American version of the game, the "ad-libs" from the first game have been removed. Now, only when a character uses the analog stick or makes a request do they make a noise. If context ad-libbing is attempted, no sounds are made, affecting gameplay. If a player attempts to tell someone they were poisoned, the chances of that player getting the message were low if he or she is in the middle of combat. The Japanese release, however, features full voices, with the European featuring only voices and no text.

The American version also features various cases of mistranslation. For example, one shelf on the End of the road scenario tells the player that an item of importance is on top of the final row. When as a matter of fact, there is nothing on the top of this shelf.

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