Translation errors
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Below is a list of translation errors and alterations made by the localization team during the English-localization process of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

Wild things

The Employee evaluation form mistranslates "マギー・ネーデル" as "Maggie Nodle". A more literal translation, "Maggie Nadel", actually uses a real surname. In the file, "Repair notification", Matthew Reagan is referred to as the "Maintenance Head", when an accurate translation of "管理責任者" describes him as the "chief administrator". In the Memo to Alyssa file, the "Jungle Dome" has been renamed the "Terrarium Dome".

In the "No Hope" ending cutscene, the works of the relief forces are acknowledged as "continuing", but "rough going". The localization defines these forces as being the police and National Guard.

The Flying Bug (フライングバグ Furaingubagu?) was renamed "Swarm". The Alligator (アリゲーター arigētā?) was renamed "Gnaw". The Zombie Lion (ゾンビライオン Zonbiraion?) became "Stalker" and "Feral", referring to the male and females, respectively. The Zombie Elephant (ゾンビエレファント zonbierefanto?) became "Titan".

In the "flashback" scenario, the Green Zombie (グリーンゾンビ Gurīnzonbi?) was renamed "Botanic Zombie".


In the old pamphlet, the PR representative, S. Gordon (S・ゴードン) is misnamed "S. Gordo".


The file "Kurt's notebook" states that unapproved drugs are being given to the hospital by the (dummy-) company "Drugs Inc.". The enterprise is not named in the Japanese version. All four of the (real-life) drugs in the Anesthesia memo were improperly-translated.

The Mountain safety report is a recommendation by the local neighborhood watch committee to avoid using the mountain trail. It was edited to add in a mention of "missing person cases" in order to tie-in to the scenario, though the file only refers to hiking accidents.

End of the road

In the End of the road file, "Daily Raccoon", the sewage water is revealed to be increasing its toxicity annually. The file, "Wonderful Life", ties-in to this by describing Raccoon City's attempt to clean the sewers in response to the increasing toxicity of the water. It was changed to being a general event of water supply pipe maintenance. In the English version, it is the "local water" that is becoming toxic. Also in this scenario is the Written orders, which misidentifies Rodriguez as being a "Commander" in the "2nd USS Division". However, the Japanese script refers to Rodriguez as 大尉 (Taii?), and so is a Captain.

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