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Resident Evil Outbreak File #3 is a fan term for the unreleased content developed for Resident Evil Outbreak which was cut out during development in 2003. The game was developed with more than eighteen levels to play through,[1] and an interconnected storyline connecting sideplots together. Due to internal problems, Production Studio 1 released the game initially as only five levels with trimmings. This release earned reasonable though not stellar sales, and another five levels were finished and released as Resident Evil Outbreak File#2 the following year. Though it is uncertain if a third release was indeed to be made, the poorer sales of File #2 ended any chance.


Using cheat devices such as the Game Shark on Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2 people are able to hack/unlock some hidden character skins which are thought to be from the unreleased Resident Evil Outbreak File 3. The cast of unlocked characters includes HUNK; star of Resident Evil 2's "The 4th Survivor" mode; Ginger and Laura, both of whom are template characters for female zombies; Amelia, the woman yanked through the roof by the Mega Bite during "Underbelly"; Bone, a man who was intended to be a friend of David King; and several other members from the U.S.S. and the U.B.C.S. as well as other citizens. Below is a list of these characters:


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Other Citizens

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Zombie Templates

Zombie templates are people/NPCs that appeared as zombies or may have appeared alive once like Amelia eventually to become zombies that would later appear in File 1, File 2 and Umbrella Chronices but were to be unlockable as skins like other NPCs. Most generic (unimportant) NPCs such as Chuck, Amelia and Roger have generic names in File 1, like "MAN1", "WOMAN1", etc.. and are likely Zombie Templates. Below is a list of these people:


A lot of enemies that didn't make the cut and didn't (officially) appear in either File 1 or File 2 are left over in the game's files and can be found by hacking the date. Below is a list of some of these enemies that are known.


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During the development of Resident Evil Online (Biohazard Network) by October, eighteen different scenarios were confirmed to be in-development, with even more in the concept phase.[1] Only 10 of these scenarios made it in both Outbreak and Outbreak File 2, leaving the 8 other (and possibly more) with an ambiguous status/fate, a few of these are known.

  • A Day in Raccoon: This was a hotel owned by Mickey.
  • Raccoon Pier: This likely involved Clint and survivors leaving through a pier / port.
  • U.S.S.: A scenario in which the U.S.S. Alpha team (including HUNK) are involved was more likely in-dev, evident by the leftover NPC characters and the enemy G-Birkin model, which is also seen in an early trailer for Resident Evil: Online Along with screenshots of U.S.S. Alpha team in action.
  • U.B.C.S.: The U.B.C.S. also had a role as NPCs in the story here where Survivors would meet with them at some point, some Resident Evil 3 locations were likely to be seen as seen in old Media images and videos, such as the outside front area of Raccoon General Hospital that links to the Clock Tower and Raccoon Park which is assumed to have been explorable in a certain scenario when the game was still known as RE: Online (Biohazard Network). It either evolved and became The Hive or it was another scenario that's likely shelved.[citation needed]
  • Raccoon High School : Although unconfirmed, This location is presumed/rumored to have been part of the cut-out content and may have involved Mary as an NPC Survivor (seen in screenshots/early media).[citation needed]



All scenarios shown in early media publications and didn't make it in either File 1 or 2, may have been scheduled for a later release; and can be seen below:




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