The Resident Evil Outbreak Official Strategy Guide is a book published by BradyGames for Resident Evil Outbreak. It was written by Dan Birlew.


Introduction (p002)Edit

Game Basics (p003)Edit

Network Survival (p014)Edit

Characters (p018)Edit

This section only refers to the main cast of eight characters, and mentions no one else. The biographical information is a re-use of information from the game's manual. An interesting addition is that the author describes each character's AIPC behaviour.

Monsters (p025)Edit

Each page encompasses two creatures, each, with the starting "Zombie" section being the exception. The profiles on the "Small Leech" and "Leech Man", respectively mistakenly claim they are linked to Dr. James Marcus' research, when a file in "The Hive" suggests otherwise. There is no profile for Thanatos; the Suspended or any "G" creature.

Weapons (p034)Edit

Recovery Items (p044)Edit

Miscellaneous (p047)Edit

Scenarios (p052-p142)Edit

Network Play Mode Item Lists (p142)Edit

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