The Resident Evil Prologue is a 22-page booklet made in digest size, by BradyGames that details short summaries of the aftermath from the major titles preceding Resident Evil 4 , summarizing their events.


Resident Evil Prologue - PlayStation 2 edition cover

PlayStation 2 edition

The booklet was included as part of the Resident Evil 4 Collector's Edition for the GameCube and later re-released for the PlayStation 2 port.


As a BradyGames guide book, its fact work is not considered reliable as a summation, and is shown to be inaccurate in parts owing to the lack of in-depth scrutiny by Capcom unlike with Famitsu works.

The Omen (RE0)

The first error in this section is the claim that Police Chief Brian Irons assembled S.T.A.R.S. immediately before the Mansion and Ecliptic Express Incidents, with Albert Wesker recruiting personnel from all over the United States. This seems to have been taken from the S.T.A.R.S. Files story of Wildstorm's Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine. It mistakenly refers to the "Umbrella Executive Training School" as the "Umbrella training facility".

The Mansion Incident (RE1)

This section refers to the Tyrant (T-002 Model) as "a mutant zombie soldier", and the brainchild of Albert Wesker. It also states that the outbreak took place three months before the S.T.A.R.S. investigation, though is closer to two and a half.

Outbreak (RE3)

The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis section of the book makes a number of errors and assumptions in its sections. The first RE3 section (with the RE2 section sandwiched in-between) mistakenly refers to the U.B.C.S. as the "Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasures Squad", and claims it to be under the command of "Nicholai Ginovaef" (an improper localization of "Nikolai Zinoviev").

Youth Triumphs Over Evil (RE2)

Claire Redfield's purpose in Raccoon City is said to be as a nervous response to unusual news reports, rather than a response to Chris' lack of contact since he left in August. Sherry Birkin's name is misspelt as "Sherri", and her mother, Annette as "Anette". The book combines elements of the Leon A/Claire B story with Claire A/Leon B.

The Last Escape (RE3)

Returning after the RE2 section, the report mistakenly refers to Jill's partner character as "Carlos Riviera". At the end, it runs with the canonical ending of Barry Burton saving Jill and Carlos, though claims that Jill shot down Nikolai's helicopter. Officially, his fate is left undefined by Capcom, though his Combat Data's presence in Umbrella's hands in later games suggests he in fact survived. The game claims that the missile that destroyed Raccoon City during the Sterilization Operation was nuclear, though it was never confirmed in the series, being left simply as an experimental strategic missile.

Fateful Reunion (CODE: Veronica)

The CODE: Veronica summation stays true to the game's plot, though removes all of Steve Burnside's role and backstory.

Horror Transcends... (RE4)

This also stays true to the plot and, unlike other Anglosphere guide books, it makes sure not to suggest that the "secret government agency" described by Leon is the United States Secret Service.


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