The Chronology is an online timeline published as part of Resident Evil Recollections. It covers a basic outline of events in Capcom's main universe, though ignores the events of Resident Evil Outbreak; Resident Evil Survivor and Resident Evil: Dead Aim. Catered for Western fans, the text in the timeline uses the localized terms such as "Global Pharmaceutical Consortium" rather than the Japanese "Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies".

Along with in-universe articles, the timeline also comes with videos and news articles regarding the marketing of Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Date Event Japanese
1800s The Travis maritime trading company begins exploiting mineral resources in Africa. 海運貿易会社「トラヴィス商会」がアフリカの鉱物資源開発を開始
1900s The Travis Company starts collecting African flora & fauna samples and launches its drug manufacturing venture. トラヴィス商会]がアフリカでの動植物採取を開始し、製薬事業に着手
1960s Engineer Michael Warren begins the electrification of Raccoon City. 技術者マイケル・ウォーレンが市の電化を開始
The Travis Company is renamed Tricell. トラヴィス商会]がトライセルに改名
Edward Ashford, the fifth head of the Ashford family, commences the search for the Progenitor Virus. アシュフォード家]の5代目当主エドワード・アシュフォード]が「始祖ウィルス]」の捜索に着手
1962 Lord Ozwell E. Spencer commissions architect George Trevor with the design and construction of a mansion. オズウェル・E・スペンサー卿が建築家ジョージ・トレヴァーに洋館の設計・建築を依頼
Dec 1966 Spencer, Edward, James Marcus, and head researcher Brandon Bailey discover the Progenitor Virus, a virus with the ability to recombine the genes of other organisms, on the “Stairway to the Sun” flower underneath African ruins. スペンサー、エドワード、ジェームス・マーカス、主任研究員ブランドン・ベイリーが、アフリカの遺跡地下に咲く花「太陽の階段」から生体の遺伝子を組み換える「始祖ウィルス」を発見
The "Progenitor Flower" containing the virus is brought back to America for cultivation by Dr. Marcus and Bailey. 未知のウィルスをもたらす「始祖花」をアメリカに持ち帰り、マーカス博士とブランドンが栽培に着手
Mar 1967 Bradon fails to cultivate the Progenitor Flower. ブランドンが「始祖花」の栽培に失敗
Spencer furthers his plan to establish a company. スペンサーが会社を起こす計画を推進
Nov 1967 The mansion and research lab are completed in the Arklay mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. ラクーンシティ郊外アークレイ山中に洋館・研究所完成
The tragic fate of the Trevor family トレヴァー家の悲しい運命
1968 Manufacturing of Raccoon City's streetcars begins in Europe. The streetcar network opens. ヨーロッパでラクーンシティの路面電車製造開始。開通
Drug company Umbrella is founded as a facade. カモフラージュ企業である製薬会社アンブレラ設立
Jul 1968 Edward is infected by the Progenitor Virus, and dies. His son Alexander succeeds him as 6th head of the family. エドワードが「始祖ウィルス」に感染し死亡。息子アレクサンダーが6代目当主に就任
Aug 1968 Umbrella seizes control of part of the African ruins where the Progenitor Flower flourishes from the indigenous Ndipaya tribe. The African laboratory is established. アンブレラがアフリカにて先住民族ンディパヤ族から「始祖花」が群生する遺跡の一部を奪取。アフリカ研究所開設に着手
The Umbrella Training Facility is established in the Arklay mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Dr. Marcus is appointed as the first director. ラクーンシティ郊外のアークレイ山中にアンブレラ幹部養成所設立。マーカス博士が初代所長に就任
Feb 1969 Alexander begins planning for the construction of the Antarctic base. The laboratory for the classified project "Code: Veronica" is secretly established underground. アレクサンダーが南極基地建設計画始動。地下には極秘プロジェクト「コード:ベロニカ」計画の為の研究所を秘密裏に設置
Jun 1969 Umbrella's African laboratory is completed, with Bailey appointed as director. アンブレラ・アフリカ研究所完成、ブランドンが所長に就任
Nov 1969 Umbrella's Antarctic base and laboratory are completed. アンブレラ南極基地および研究所が完成
1971 The Code: Veronica project is finally successful. The Ashford family twins Alfred and Alexia are born. 「コード:ベロニカ」計画遂に成功。アシュフォード家に双子の兄弟、アルフレッドとアレクシアが誕生
1977 Albert Wesker and William Birkin are assigned to the Training facility as prospective managers. アルバート・ウェスカー、ウィリアム・バーキンが幹部候補として幹部養成所に配属
Dec 1977 5 cases containing the Progenitor Virus are shipped to Dr. Marcus from the African laboratory. マーカス博士宛にアフリカ研究所より「始祖ウィルス」5ケースを発送
Jan 1978 Dr. Marcus succeeds in developing the "T-Virus". マーカス博士が「t-ウィルス」の開発に成功
Jul 1978 The Training Facility is closed. Wesker, Birkin, and the T-Virus research are moved to the Arklay laboratory. Dr. Marcus continues researching independently. 幹部養成所の閉鎖が決定。ウェスカー、ウィリアムらとともに、「t-ウィルス」の研究はアークレイ研究所へ。マーカス博士は独自の研究を続行
1980s The African laboratory succeeds in cultivating the Progenitor Virus. Under strict supervision, the African laboratory becomes the sole supplier of the virus. アフリカ研究所にて「始祖ウィルス」の培養に成功。ウィルスの供給元はアフリカ研究所に限定し、厳重に管理
Jul 1981 Alexia graduates at the top of her class from a renowned university at only 10 years old. She is appointed senior researcher at the Umbrella Antarctic laboratory. アレクシアが10歳にして有名大学を主席で卒業。アンブレラ南極研究所の主任研究員となる
Mar 1982 Alexia administers the T-Veronica virus to her father Alexander, resulting in failure. Alexander is officially reported as missing. アレクシアが父アレクサンダーに「t-Veronica」を投与したが、失敗。当主アレクサンダー謎の失踪と公表
Dec 1983 Wesker researches secondary T-Virus infection. He begins to have doubts about Spencer's projects. ウェスカーが「t-ウィルス」の二次感染性を調査。スペンサーの計画を疑問視
Alexia self-administers the T-Veronica virus and enters a 15-year cryogenic sleep. Officially she is declared as having died from infection following an accident. アレクシアが「t-Veronica」を自分に投与。15年間のコールドスリープに入る。公には感染事故死と発表
1987 Michael Warren is elected mayor of Raccoon City. マイケル・ウォーレンがラクーン市長に就任
1988 The T-Virus project continues under the leadership of Birkin. The Tyrant, the ultimate B.O.W., is developed. ウィリアム主導により「t-ウィルス計画」が進行。B.O.W.の究極形態「タイラント」が開発される
The Nemesis Project commences at laboratory 6 in Europe. ヨーロッパ第六研究所において「ネメシス計画」発動
Wesker assassinates Marcus under orders from Spencer. スペンサーの命令により、ウェスカーがマーカス博士を暗殺
1991 Umbrella begins construction of a gigantic laboratory underneath Raccoon City. アンブレラがラクーンシティの地下に巨大地下研究所建設を開始
Spencer approves Birkin's G-Virus project. The project begins. スペンサーがウィリアム立案の「G-ウィルス計画」を承認。同計画始動
Wesker is reassigned to the Department of Intelligence. ウェスカーが情報部へ転属
Feb 1991 South American drug baron Javier Hidalgo obtains the T-Virus from Umbrella. He administers the T-Virus to his wife Hilda in an attempt to cure her from a local disease. 南米の麻薬王ハヴィエ・ヒダルゴがアンブレラから「t-ウィルス」を入手。風土病を患う妻ヒルダに治療として「t-ウィルス」を投与
Hilda is transformed into a creature as the virus rampages through her body. He informs the local community that his wife has died. ヒルダの体内のウィルスが暴走しクリーチャー化。周囲にはヒルダ死亡を伝える
Dec 1991 The Soviet Union falls.
Sergei Vladimir is contacted by Umbrella. As a perfect match for the Tyrant he submits 10 clones of himself to Umbrella, and is made a manager.
1993 Raccoon City police chief Brian Irons begins colluding with Umbrella.
Birkin is reassigned to the Raccoon underground laboratory.
Dec 1993 Alfred graduates from a UK university, and is appointed director of the Antarctic base. As an Umbrella manager he is also appointed commander of the Rockfort Island base.
The Rockfort Island Anti-B.O.W. force training facility is completed.
1994 John is reassigned from the Chicago laboratory to the Arklay laboratory as Birkin's successor.
Alfred constructs his private residence and prison on Rockfort Island.
1996 The special tactics unit S.T.A.R.S. is founded under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon Police Department. Wesker is appointed as captain.
Hunk (a future Umbrella special operative) undergoes training at the Rockfort Island training facility.
May 1996 Waste accumulates at Umbrella's exclusive waste treatment plant due to a large increase in the amount to be processed. Untreated contaminants leak.
May 1998 A mimicry of Dr. Marcus appears at the Umbrella Training Facility.
The Cerberuses claim their first victim. The dismembered body of a 20-year-old woman is discovered.
A catastrophic viral leak occurs at the Arklay laboratory. The laboratory is decimated.
I just saw him...
No thanks, doll-face. I've already worn handcuffs.
Billy's harsh words
I'm one of the good guys!
Masterful shots
Edward's Tragic Reunion
Confident Rookie
A True Maestro
My Interpretation is a Little Off
One-way ticket to destruction
Don't worry, everything's here!
What's Delta Team doing here?
It's that guy...
Captain's Pet
The Captain Doesn't Care
The Mysterious young Man
Save Rebecca!
Puppetmasters 1
Puppetmasters 2
Save Rebecca! Part 2
That's what I was going to say!
Unpretentious Rebecca
Save me Enrico!
A number of victims and disappearances occur in the Arklay mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The City intervenes by dispatching S.T.A.R.S. to investigate.
Umbrella dispatches 2 successive reconnaissance teams to the Training Facility as part of a project to reclaim the facility. The first team is wiped out by the B.O.W.s inside.
The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team helicopter is forced into an emergency landing in the Arklay mountains due to a mysterious engine complication. The team investigates Umbrella's Ecliptic Express and the former Training Facility. The Training Facility is eventually obliterated.
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team is dispatched to search for Bravo Team. They are ultimately able to reach the mansion.
Bravo team's Enrico Marini discovers the truth behind Wesker. Wesker guns down Marini.
Vladimir activates the ""Red Queen"". The data from all laboratories is copied to the U.M.F.-013 supercomputer in the Raccoon City underground laboratory. The Red Queen revokes Wesker's access permissions for the U.M.F.-013.
Overrun by the virus, the Arklay laboratory and mansion are destroyed. Wesker escapes from the laboratory shortly before the explosion. 4 members of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team along with one of Bravo team survive. Nothing remains of the laboratory.
Chris gets told.
A sneaky appearance by Chief Irons!
I'll be on standby up above!
Wesker, the uncompromising captain
Resourceful Barry
Suspicious Barry
Dependable Barry
Jill Sandwich
Jill's Skills
Chris the pianoman
The rookie's got spirit!
Kenneth's souvenir
Forest's parting gift
Richard's memento
Enrico's keepsake
Barry's bonus (contains' spoilers)
Muscling out the competition
Chris and Wesker team up.
Beginner's luck (contains spoilers)
Wesker's men (contains spoilers)
Barry the family man (contains spoilers)
Supplies: the hallmark of a good captain
Hiding in plain sight
Door (Concept Teaser)
Barry the Firestarter
Jill's napkins (Concept Teaser)
Umbrella (Concept Teaser)
Item Box (Concept Teaser)
Itchy, Tasty (Concept Teaser)
Herb (Concept Teaser)
No sightseeing (contains spoilers)
Aug 1998 Having obtained information on the G-Virus, former S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield leaves for Europe. He openly declares his opposition to Umbrella.
Sep 1998 Office scandal avoided
Birkin completes the G-Virus.
Carried by rats, the virus leaks from the laboratory and causes a biohazard throughout Raccoon City. A number of cases of cannibalism are reported in urban areas. The events are covered by the media.
The Raccoon Police department is overwhelmed, and the chief of police descends into madness. The mayor flees the city, abandoning his daughter.
The U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) lands in Raccoon City, and begins to evacuate the citizens.
Jill Valentine, who had been investigating independently in Raccoon City, prepares to flee the city.
Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City. Claire Redfield also arrives around the same time.
Umbrella deploys its new B.O.W., the Nemesis T-Type. It begins its hunt for the former S.T.A.R.S. members.
Umbrella drops its mass-produced Tyrant on Raccoon City.
Leon and Claire escape from Raccoon City, rescuing Birkin's daughter Sherry in the process. The US Army intervenes, declaring martial law.
U.B.C.S. survivors are taken advantage of by Umbrella overseer Nicholai Ginovaef, and perish in quick succession.
Both Ada Wong and Umbrella special operative Hunk are able to retrieve a G-Virus sample.
The Raccoon City underground laboratory is destroyed.
Only 19 and she already owns 2 bikes!
Worried about her brother, she takes a peek at his diary.
Why the change of outfit?
Tofu (Concept Teaser)
Oct 1998 Vladimir transports the Umbrella supercomputer U.M.F.-013 out of Raccoon City.
Jill defeats Nemesis. She escapes from Raccoon City with U.B.C.S. member Carlos Oliveira.
The US government approves the extermination operation. Under direct orders of the President, Raccoon City is annihilated by a missile attack.
Leon and Sherry are placed under US government protection. The US Intelligence Agency headhunts Leon for a position as a government agent.
The US government suspends Umbrella's business activities. Outraged at this decision, Umbrella sues the government.
Who's piloting the chopper (Contains Spoilers)
Nov 1998 Spencer orders the closure of the African laboratory.
Dec 1998 A knight's perks
The self-defeating knight
A distracted knight
You again!
Claire is captured as she attempts to infiltrate Umbrella's Paris laboratory, and is imprisoned on Rockfort Island.
A mysterious special forces unit lead by Wesker attacks Rockfort Island. The T-Virus spreads across the entire island.
Claire sends an email for help to Leon after escaping from the prison. Chris is informed of Claire's location.
Jill reaches Chris' hideout after escaping from Raccoon City, only to find he has already left for Rockfort Island.
Chris reencounters Wesker after reaching Rockfort Island. Alfred flees the island.
Alexia awakens from her cryogenic sleep at the Antarctic laboratory. Alfred dies.
Claire reunites with Chris at the Antarctic base. Together they defeat Alexia.
After the battle, Chris and Claire flee the Antarctic base. The base is destroyed.
Island Tales 1
Island Tales 2
Don't move
The search begins
My Knight with Shining Ammo
Anger Management
Big brother saves the day
Alexia, the Long-Awaited Prodigy Part 1
Alexia, the Long-Awaited Prodigy Part 2
Steve the know-it-all
Anger Management 2
2001 Hidalgo contacts Wesker.
Hidalgo administers the Veronica Virus to his daughter Manuela in an attempt to treat the same local disease that infected her mother before her.
2002 A number of young girls are reported missing in South America.
Under special orders, US government agent Leon and Special-ops member Jack Krauser are dispatched to South America with orders to secure Hidalgo.
Leon and Krauser encounter Manuela, and proceed to Hidalgo's complex, where they discover the remains of the missing girls.
Leon and Krauser defeat Hidalgo who has since fused with the Veronica plant, and escape from Hidalgo's complex by helicopter with Manuela. Manuela is placed under US government protection.
Krauser is discharged from the U.S. Army after his wounded left arm fails to heal. He eventually contacts Wesker and joins his organization.
Feb 2003 Having received information on the development of a new B.O.W., the Russian government commences an assault on Umbrella's Caucasus laboratory in Russia.
Chris and Jill join a private counter-biohazard force and defeat T-A.L.O.S., the new B.O.W.
Having located the whereabouts of the U.M.F.-013, Wesker infiltrates the Russian branch and defeats Vladimir who has transformed into a creature.
Wesker acquires the remaining research data stored on the U.M.F.-013, and wipes the Red Queen.
2003 Confidential data on Umbrella is submitted to the court, resulting in a guilty verdict. Umbrella files for bankruptcy.
Wesker contacts Excella Gionne, a manager for pharmaceutical giant Tricell. With the Umbrella data provided by Wesker, Excella is able to further Tricell's B.O.W. research and raise her position within the company.
2004 The BSAA is established by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, an organization that employs a number of Tricell's board of directors.
Ada intercepts an email sent by Los Illuminados researcher Luis Serra, who is asking a friend for help. She obtains information on Las Plagas.
Luis flees the cult, taking a sample of the control Plaga with him.
Wesker orders Krauser to infiltrate the Illuminados cult in order to retrieve a control Plaga.
Leon's gets promoted
Upper-class Ashley
The Merchant
Krauser, one side of the same coin
Ada's paper plane
Ashley the Stuntwoman
Mike, a man with a mission.
Reloading with Style (Red 9)
Wesker, a true mastermind
Smaller than life
Out of the way, Ashley!
Mental Fortitude
Fall 2004 Must be my imagination
Stop messing around
Here's Hunnigan
Uncannily quick
So many victims
Saving Man's Best Friend
An unnecessary tragedy
Great. Chainsaw.
Hearing things
Don't take shortcuts!
Blue coins
Rolling stones
A noisy closet
Krauser abducts Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States.
US agent Leon is dispatched to rescue Ashley.
Under orders from Wesker, Ada is also sent in to separately retrieve a control Plaga.
Luis is murdered by cult leader Osmund Saddler.
Having merged with the mother Plaga and turning into a creature, castellan Ramon Salazar is defeated by Leon.
Krauser is defeated by Ada.
Leon defeats the transformed Saddler.
Ada steals the control Plaga sample from Leon, and escapes the cult's island complex.
Leon escapes the island with Ashley on a jet ski. The island complex is destroyed.
Terrorist group Veltro, who were opposed to the construction of the artificial island city of Terragrigia, cause a biohazard by releasing the T-Abyss virus within the city.
In order to end the desperate situation, FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale plans and executes the destruction of Terragrigia using the Regia Solis solar accumulator.
2005 Chris and Jessica Sherawat are dispatched to a mountainous Northern European area to investigate a suspected Veltro hideout.
Having received information regarding Chris' disappearance, Jill and Parker Luciani are dispatched on a search mission aboard luxury cruise ship Queen Zenobia. All communication is lost once they board the ship, and it is only later revealed that the information on Chris was a decoy.
Chris and Jessica are ordered by BSAA head Clive R. O'Brian to return and begin the search for Jill and Parker.
Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham are dispatched to Northern Europe to replace Chris and Jessica.
Quint is able to determine the location of the Queen Zenobia using a security token.
Based on Quint's info, Chris and Jessica hurry to the Queen Zenobia, only to discover they have boarded her sister ship, the Queen Seramis.
Communication is reestablished with Jill and Parker. The correct location of the Queen Zenobia is established. The Queen Zenobia is immediately targeted by the Regia Solis, although manages to avoid a direct hit.
Chris and Jessica board the Queen Zenobia. Jill, Parker, Chris, and Jessica regroup.
Keith and Quint learn of a third cruise ship, the Queen Dido, while searching for information.
Although Jill and Chris discover the research facility deep in the bowels of the ship, the Queen Zenobia is scuttled by self-destruct system.
Having escaped from the Queen Zenobia, Jill and Chris board the Queen Dido. The unexpectedly encounter Veltro leader Jack Norman on board. Together they defeat the mutated Norman.
Evidence is discovered implicating FBC Commissioner Morgan's involvement with the Terragrigia Panic. Morgan is arrested based on the evidence. The BSAA seizes this opportunity, and is reformed as an anti-bioterrorism unit under the jurisdiction of the UN.
Rachel Foley (Concept Teaser)
Queen Zenobia (Concept Teaser)
Handprint (Concept Teaser)
Jill the Veteran Hero
From S.T.A.R.S. to the BSAA, the legend continues
Uncompromising Parker
The Master of Mind Games
Jessica, Resident Evil's Prima Donna
I'm not the man you once knew
You'd think they might have noticed
Aug 2005 NGO Terrasave demands the release of the results of pharmaceutical giant WilPharma's clinical experiments in India.
Nov 2005 Senator Ron Davies colludes with pharmaceutical giant WilPharma to help them to construct a research facility in Harvardville. A number of protests erupt after this decision.
Terrasave member Claire lands at Harvardville airport.
Former Terrasave member Curtis Miller unleashes a bioterror attack on Harvardville airport, as planned by WilPharma's chief engineer Frederic Downing.
The White House dispatches its agent Leon, who arrives in Harvardville. He assists SRT (a special unit of the local police force) members Angela Miller and Greg Glenn in searching for survivors.
Leon and Claire reunite at the airport.
Glenn is infected by the virus, and dies.
The USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) identifies the virus used in the terror attack. The government attempts to administer the WilPharma-manufactured "T-Vaccine", but the cargo truck containing the vaccine is destroyed in another terror incident.
Claire discovers that the G-Virus is stored in WilPharma's Air Dome facility, and informs Leon.
Curtis infiltrates the Air Dome, and obtains the G-Virus.
Downing destroys the Air Dome. Seriously wounded, Curtis injects himself with the G-Virus.
The Air Dome's automated sterilization program is activated. The research facility is also destroyed.
Through their combined efforts, Leon, Angela and Claire are able to fend off Curtis, who has since transformed into a G life-form, and escape from the Air Dome. They arrest Downing as he attempts to conclude the sale of the G-Virus.
Tricell acquires WilPharma.
Senator Davies dies under mysterious circumstances.
A Tricell unit retrieves the corpse of Curtis.
Catching up on TerraSave
Aug 2006 Chris and Jill break into the Spencer residence to detain Spencer.
Spencer is murdered by Wesker in his own residence.
Chris and Jill face off with Wesker. At the climax of the battle, Jill falls off a cliff together with Wesker.
Wesker returns to his headquarters. Having captured Jill, he cryogenically freezes her in preparation for Uroboros Virus experimentation.
The following facts are revealed by the notes discovered in the Spencer residence:

-In his search for immortality, Spencer ordered Alex to develop a new virus. He shipped hundreds of test subjects to a research facility constructed on a remote tropical island.
-Alex requested further test subjects from Spencer over a phone call.
-Spencer was informed by Alex of the success of the viral experiments.
-Alex disappeared along with the entirety of the virus research.
-Under orders from Spencer, the family butler Patrick carried out human experiments in the Spencer residence.
-Spencer ordered Patrick to disclose his location to Wesker indirectly. The location of Spencer's mansion was leaked to information broker Ricardo Irving.
-Spencer eventually released Patrick from his service.
-Spencer's location was revealed to Wesker through Irving.

Continuity Crazy!
Nov 2006 The BSAA discontinues its search for Jill, who is presumed dead. An empty grave is erected in her memory.
2009 Mister Redfield
The Uroboros project begins, and all Tricell researchers who worked on the Uroboros Virus and related data are eliminated.
Working for Tricell's Resource Development division, Ricardo Irving releases the Plaga 2 in the Kijuju Autonomous Region. The local inhabitants are transformed into Majini.
Professional Difficulty
Stun Rod
Dependable Josh
People in sunglasses who aren't Wesker
Pumpin Iron
Jill's controller
Seven minutes is all I can spare
Mar 2009 A troubled ace
A disturbing sack
A familiar feeling
Pax Americana
Uroboros Project
Dressed for the occasion
Tormented expressions
Fisher is captured
A window of opportunity
Where's this scene from?
Hurry up Kirk
The Executioner Majini part 1
The Executioner Majini part 2
It's Kirk!
A cry for help
Are we too late?
As expected
The West African branch of the BSAA dispatches its Alpha team, captained by Dan DeChant, to the Kijuju Autonomous Region to arrest Irving.
Having received information related to Jill's survival, Chris joins the BSAA West African branch's operation as backup.
Chris teams up with local BSAA agent Sheva Alomar in the Kijuju Autonomous Region. The are mobilized as part of Bravo team.
Alpha team is assaulted by an Uroboros Virus experiment victim, and are wiped out.
BSAA agent Raynard Fisher, who had been working undercover in the Kijuju Autonomous Region, is executed by the locals who have turned into Majini.
Led by Josh Stone, Delta team regroups with Chris and Sheva.
Delta team is attacked by an Ndesu, resulting in the deaths of the entire team save for Stone.
Chris and Sheva defeat the transformed Irving.
Chris and Sheva discover the Progenitor Flower thriving underneath the ancient ruins, along with traces of Umbrella's activity.
Chris and Sheva encounter Wesker, along with Jill who is under his control. After the battle they are able to restore Jill to her former self.
Chris and Sheva face off with Excella, who has been transformed into an Uroboros creature. They defeat her using a satellite laser.
Jill escapes from the Tricell facility with Josh using a helicopter. They make their way to Chris and Sheva in order to rescue them.
Attempting to spread the Uroboros Virus, Wesker escapes on a bomber but is forced into an emergency landing on a volcanic island. Chris and Sheva defeat Wesker, and intercept the Uroboros Missile launch.
Chris, Sheva, and Jill escape on the helicopter piloted by Stone.
Egg's (Concept Teaser)
Nov 2010 Mineral deposits are discovered below the autonomous region held by independence fighters during a ceasefire in the Eastern Slav Republic civil war. The government resumes its military action under the pretext of counter-bioterrorism. The independence movement radicalizes.
According to rumors, Monsters have been sighted in Eastern Slav battlefields.
2011 The TerraSave headquarters is suddenly attacked; Claire and Moira Burton are abducted by the unknown party.
BSAA advisor Barry lands on a remote island in search of his daughter Moira.
Escape and Rescue on a Remote Island
[Raid Mode 1] Raid Mode Returns!
[Raid Mode 2] Fan favorites are back in the Raid Mode DLC
It all starts with a tribute
[Raid Mode 3] Get those Medallions!
[Raid Mode 4] Player Skills
[Raid Mode 5] Enemy Skills
[Raid Mode 6] Weapons
[Raid Mode 7] Parts
[Raid Mode 8] Split Screen Mode
[Raid Mode 9] Split Screen Mode
[Raid Mode 10] Combining parts
[Raid Mode 11] Gestures
[Raid Mode 12] Stages
[Raid Mode 13] Evaluation
[Raid Mode 14] Defend the pillars!
I don't do guns
Military Boxes
Tower Emblems
Cliffhanger episodic style!
Get to the Chopper!
The Survivors of Kijuju
Gave gets manhandled
Fear is the Trigger
A Terragrigia Survivor
[Raid Mode 15] Don't forget the Rest Bonus
[Raid Mode 16] Earn those Medallions!
[Raid Mode 17] Welcome to the Casino!
[Raid Mode 18] The Hunter and the Hunted
[Raid Mode 19] The Dreaded Scagdead Returns
[Raid Mode 20] The Relentless Executioner Majini
[Raid Mode 21] Upgrading Beyond Limits, an expensive proposal.
[Raid Mode 22] Feeling cheap? Don't evaluate everything.
[Raid Mode 23] Money, money, money
[Raid Mode 24] Don't let them get away!
Immortal Natalia
[Raid Mode 25] Mr President!
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Feb 2011 The American government pulls out of the Eastern Slav Republic. All American citizens, including the staff at the embassy, are ordered to leave.
Having received reports regarding the use of B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) on the battlefield, U.S. special agent Leon is dispatched to the Eastern Slav Republic, but he is immediately ordered to withdraw. Leon ignores the order and remains on location.
Leon is captured by rebel force guerillas Alexander Kozachenko and J.D., but manages to escape during the confusion caused by a government army assault.
Ada visits the Eastern Slav Republic posing as a BSAA special investigator, and meets with president Svetlana Belikova.
Fleeing from government troops, Alexander is forced to kill his own Ataman (leader), Ivan Judanovich, who is close to death and cannot go on. He vows to fulfill his dying wish.
Leon is recaptured at the rebel base, a church.
J.D. frees Leon, and implores him to prevent Alexander from continuing Ivan's plans.
While pursuing Alexander, Leon encounters Ada, who informs him of the government's plans to bomb the area.
The church used by the rebels is attacked by a hoard of B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons), and falls. J.D., who has been infected, hands over his equipment to Leon before dying.
Belikova sees through Ada's charade, and has her imprisoned.
Ada escapes. Leon infiltrates the underground area where Ada was being held, and together they discover the president's Plaga breeding facility.
Alexander, who has allowed himself to be parasitized by a dominant-type Plaga, attacks Belikova controlling a pack of Lickers, but is unable to reach her.
Having waited for the right opportunity to invade, the American and Russian armies take advantage of the confusion to commence their own attack on the Eastern Slav Republic.
The Eastern Slav government surrenders, and America and Russia install an interim government. Belikova resigns. The corporations that had supported the previous government are liquidated.
Dec 2012 Pull yourself together newbie!
Overworked and underpaid
Captain Redfield
Next-gen face off
Leave it to me!
One Expensive Apple
A 50m Dollar Contract
The "Uprising" begins
High maintenance
Huh? Alpha engagement?
A super-suspicious woman
I've nowhere to go
Everyone's waiting
What? They're gonna pay?
Foreboding, part 2
A true professional
No rest for the wicked
I shouldn't have said that
Facing fate
Jake the family genius
BSAA Alpha Team captain Chris engages J'avo belonging to anti-government forces in the Republic of Edonia in Eastern Europe.
U.S. agent Sherry finds C-Virus antibody carrier Jake Muller. Together they are forced to flee from the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Ustanak.
Sherry and Jake meet Claire's brother, Chris, in the Republic of Edonia.
Chris loses his entire team save for Piers Nivans in a trap set by the terrorist organization Neo Umbrella. In the ensuing chaos, Chris is wounded and loses his memory.
Neo Umbrella captures and imprisons Jake and Sherry in their laboratory, where they are experimented on for six months.
Piers' blunder
2013 Having lost his memory, Chris lives his life as a drunken recluse in Eastern Europe. Piers and his comrades desperately search for their former captain.
Jun 2013 Shadow of Death
Resident Pianos
A Dependable Ally
Safe Driving with the BSAA
You sure this is the right way?
You're getting on that thing?
Wiper gag
Unexpected Romcom
Adam, a comrade in arms
I'll tell you everything at the cathedral
The last train I'd think of boarding
Protect and serve
Noisy neighbours
Helena, a devoted sister
Piers Nivans
Intrigued by a call from U.S. presidential aide Derek C. Simmons, Ada begins her search of a submarine.
Leon, an agent under the direct authority of President Benford, accompanies the president to Tall Oaks, where the president plans to reveal the truth behind the events that led to the destruction of Raccoon City. But the city is hit by a bioterror attack shortly before the president's speech, and Benford and a large number of citizens are infected by a virus.
Suspected of having murdered the president, Helena Harper and Leon head to China in search of evidence that will prove their innocence.
Still suffering from amnesia, Chris is persuaded by Piers to return to the BSAA's ranks, where his memory returns while fighting. Although he is able to defeat the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Iluzija, he once again loses his entire team except Piers.
Ada searches the underground laboratory previously found by Leon and Helena. After viewing a recording of her doppelganger Carla Radames emerging from a chrysalis, she heads to China in search of more clues that will help link all of these events.
Jake and Sherry are able to escape together from the Neo Umbrella facility where they were being held. During his long imprisonment, Jake learned that he is the son of Albert Wesker, who once tried to destroy the world. Jake and Sherry are relentlessly perused, but are eventually saved by Chris and Piers.
Leon and Helena travel to China, but the plane they are on is brought down during an attack by a Lepotitsa B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon). They miraculously survive the crash and unexpectedly come across Jake and Sherry at the crash site. Leon informs Sherry of the treachery of her superior, Simmons.
Leon and Sherry come face-to-face with Simmons, but during the confusion he is injected with the Enhanced C-Virus and begins to mutate. They battle Simmons on top of a train and defeat him.
Jake and Sherry are captured again by J'avo, and are taken to Neo Umbrella's underwater base.
Having learned of Ada's plan to carry out a bioterror attack on a global scale, Chris and Piers begin taking measures to stop her. Although they manage to corner "Ada" (in reality Carla Radames), she is shot by an assassin sent by Simmons. However, she manages to infect herself with the Enhanced C-Virus and mutates into a horrific creature.
Ada faces off against her doppelganger Carla after learning the truth from Simmons' voice recorder. The mutated Carla takes over the entire carrier but, after a bitter struggle, is ultimately defeated by Ada. Chris and Piers escape from the carrier in a fighter, while Ada makes her exit in a helicopter.
A missile launched from the carrier detonates over Tatchi, releasing a vast quantity of gas. The large-scale biohazard spreads rapidly. As Leon witnesses the ensuing chaos in the city, Chris informs him of Ada's death.
Selfish Stability
With maturity comes... humor.
The game never ends.
Sorry for losing it.
Jul 2013 Supporting agents from behind the scenes
Leon and Helena meet up with Ada again and fight their way through the zombie hordes towards the Quad Tower. They are ambushed by Simmons, but are able to fend him off.
Ada enters Carla's laboratory and obliterates all traces of her research and activity. She disappears once again into the shadows.
Leon and Helena are forced to fight off Simmons once more while climbing the Quad Tower. Simmons mutates one last time but the pair are able to destroy him at last. They escape from the burning tower using a helicopter.
Chris and Piers find Sherry and Jake inside the underwater base. They witness the birth of the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Haos and stay behind to fight the creature, buying time for Sherry and Jake to escape.
Jake comes face to face with the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Ustanak in the magma control room. Although the creature falls into the lava, it somehow survives. Jake and Sherry use a Magnum to defeat it once and for all.
Chris and Piers battle with the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Haos. In a last-ditch effort to save Chris from the creature's grip, Piers deliberately injects himself with the C-Virus and begins to mutate.
Chris and Piers fight off Haos. Sensing he is on the verge of losing control to his mutations, Piers pushes Chris into an escape pod and launches it before his captain has a chance to react. He engages and defeats Haos one last time before the lab begins to detonate, and then surrenders to his fate.
Dec 2013 It's a Small World
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