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Resident Evil Showcase was an online event that was held by Capcom on April 15, 2021.


This is the second Resident Evil Showcase event, following the one held on January 14, 2021. It was announced on the 25th Anniversary date (March 22, 2021).[1]

The PlayStation avatar given through Twitter to promote the event.

Content creators could sign a form to enter a chance to co-stream the event. Incentives included a stream overlay based on Resident Evil Village and two PlayStation avatars.[2]

Before the event, the RE_Games Twitter account set up a special tweet where if users "liked" it, they would obtain a different PlayStation avatar code.[3] One of the codes given is as follows: QG9R-NEN7-RP5L.

After the show was done, Capcom set up an online survey about it.[4]




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