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Resident Evil Survivor, known in Japan as Biohazard Gun Survivor (バイオハザード ガンサバイバー Baiohazādo Gan Sabaibā?) and initially known as BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR behind the mask (バイオハザードガンサバイバー マスクの後ろに?, Baiohazādo Gan Sabaibā masuku no ushironi) was the first Biohazard game designed to be used with the PlayStation light-gun peripheral "GunCon45". The game is a major departure from the original series, deviating from the fixed camera angles of the previous games to a first-person view.

The Japanese and PAL versions of the game allowed the use of the Namco GunCon, a light gun that gave the game a more arcade feel. It was decided by Capcom U.S.A. that the American version would not allow the use of the GunCon, due to the then-recent Columbine High School massacre. The game is set in the isolated city of Sheena Island around November 1998.

It was re-released in March 2001 in Japan as part of the Capcom Collection (Japanese: "Kapukore"). The game was also released for PC in Taiwan in 2002. This version allowed mouse-aiming and had graphic-filtering, although it is also known for being buggy suffering from flat lighting, messed up sounds, low-quality FMV cut-scenes compared to PS1, some enemies have messed up animations are lacking general AI scripts. This version does not use real fonts, instead, it uses images with texts and alpha transparency possibly due to the use of Chinese letters. It is also problematic in terms of installing and playing on modern systems.


Name Voice Actors
Ark Thompson Patrick Harlan
Vincent Goldman Michael Naishtut
Andy Holland Walter Roberts
Lott Klein Colleen Lanki
Lily Klein Ruth Hollyman
UT Commander Brian Matt-Uhl


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