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In Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica, players have the option of choosing between either Claire Redfield or Steve Burnside. Two-player cooperative play is possible. The gameplay is closer to that of a standard first-person shooter than the original Gun Survivor game, and instead of a manual crosshair, the game uses a fixed crosshair that remains at the center of the screen. There is no voice acting in the game; the dialogue is only shown in subtitles.

The game runs on a timer that counts down when an area is entered, and if time runs out, the Nemesis will start pursuing the player and make quick work of the characters if they don't hurry to an exit.

Chris Redfield and Rodrigo Juan Raval are unlockable characters in-game. In order to unlock them, a player must complete all clock tower levels (to unlock Chris-armed only with an infinite linear launcher) and must finish the Dungeon mode completely (to unlock Juan-armed only with a knife).


The Arcade version of the game has a somewhat unusual layout. Instead of a wieldable lightgun like those used in House of the Dead or Time Crisis, the game uses a fixed mounted Machine Gun that serves as a joystick to move the player and rotate his or her view, as well as to fire the player's onscreen weapons.


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