Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica never had a release for its soundtrack, this page will details the list of tracks used in game (with tentative names), including the reused tracks from Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]

This page will categorize the soundtracks used per mode, while putting (CV) in front what's from Resident Evil CODE:Veronica soundtracks.

Arcade Mode

  • Track 1 "Intro": It's used for the Opening cutscene.
  • Track 2 "First Contact": It's used for the Prologue.
  • Track 3 "Stage 1": It's used as the main theme for Stage 1 (Prison).
  • Track 4 "Neticia": It's used for the cutscene before Stage 1 boss fight.
  • Track 6 "Result": It's used for the Result screen after finishing a level.
  • Track 7 "Nemesis Released": It's used for when Nemesis gets released cutscenes. It shares a similarity with start of "The Palace of Insane" track from CODE:Veronica.
  • Track 9 "Stage 2": It's used as the main theme for Stage 2 (Official Residence).
  • Track 10 "Giant Sweeper": It's used for the cutscene before Stage 2 boss fight.
  • Track 13 "Stage 4": It's used as the main theme for Stage 4 (Private Residence).
  • Track 15 "Alexia 2": It's used for the cutscene before Alexia Ashford boss fight.
  • Track 16 "Stage 5": It's used as the main theme for Stage 5 (Airport) and during the its ending cutscene.
  • Track 19 "Dream's End": It's played during the escape in the ending cutscene.
  • Track 20 "Ending Credits": It's played during the ending credits.

Dungeon Mode

  • Track 23 "Rasen" (CV): It's used for Dungeon Mode's Underground missions.
  • Track 24 "Entrapment" (CV): It's used for Dungeon Mode's Inferno missions.
  • Track 25 "Not Steve" (CV): It's used in Inferno missions, after entering the Area 3 doors.
  • Track 26 "A Moment of Relief" (CV): It's used for a save room-like area in the Dungeon Mode levels.
  • Track 5 "Once Again" (CV): It's also used during Dungeon Mode boss fights.
  • Track 27 "Doze" (CV): It's for Dungeon Mode's after results screen where you enter your name.
  • Track 20 "Ending Credits": It's for the ending credits.

VS. Roach Mode

  • Track 21 "New Battle (Character Select BGM)" (CV): During the selection menu for VS. Roach Mode.
  • Track 11 "A State of Emergency" (CV): for Mission 1.
  • Track 13 "Stage 4": for Mission 2.
  • Track 16 "Stage 5": for Mission 3.
  • Track 25 "Not Steve" (CV): for Mission 4.
  • Track 18 "The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver.B" (CV): for Mission 5.

Ranking Mode

Secret Mode


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