The first part of Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine, Issue #1 was released on March 1998.


"S.T.A.R.S. Files" - Ted Adams

The story serves as a prequel to the events of Resident Evil. It opens with S.T.A.R.S. officer Albert Wesker standing in an office receiving an assignment from a silhouetted senior officer. As a response to the recent, mysterious murders in Raccoon City, Wesker has been assigned to the city's police department and ordered to found a local S.T.A.R.S. team to provide a cover for his investigation. At the time, the only S.T.A.R.S. member in the Raccoon City Police Department is Joseph Frost. Wesker talks to his Umbrella contact, Holden, and makes preparations for a report once he sets up his team.

Wesker's report, filed shortly before Alpha team's deployment, describes how he picked team members based on specifications provided by Holden, which are expected to guarantee the group's success. S.T.A.R.S. is also needed for a secondary task in preventing the T-Virus experiments from escaping into the forest, should they get out of hand.

Enrico Marini is assigned as Bravo team's leader - out of the organization, he has the most field experience, and isn't believed by Wesker to have any fears. Richard Aiken is assigned the role of communications expert. Rebecca Chambers, while worthless in a fight, is chosen for her medical training. The chemist, Kenneth J. Sullivan is brought into the team to assist in preventing the virus from escaping the area. Forest Speyer, an expert sniper, is brought in as Bravo team's marksman.

On the Alpha team, led by Wesker, Barry Burton, is made the second-in-command of Alpha team and the weapons expert. Wesker describes Burton's weakness for manipulation, which he accepts as a possible necessity in the upcoming mission. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were recommended by Barry to be brought onto the team. Chris served in the Air Force with Barry, but was dishonourably discharged for ignoring orders to save a teammate. Jill was brought in for her expert lockpicking skills. Joseph Frost, the vehicle expert, is the only one with prior knowledge of Raccoon City. Brad Vickers is the computer expert, whose tendeny to run at the first sight of danger has given him the nickname "Chickenheart".

The RPD later sends Bravo team into Raccoon Forest to investigate the murders. To avoid them finding anything incriminating, Wesker assures Holden that he has tampered with the helicopter engine, expecting them to be too caught up with repairing the aircraft to investigate the area.

"Who Are Those Guys?" - Ted Adams

Dear Ada, May 4, 1998

The T-Virus research continues. We're seeing unexpected affects when it's introduced into different types of living material. Instead of increasing the subject's strength and healing ability, some subjects actually begin to deteriorate. I think I can correct the problem, and I'm still hopeful that my work may lead to a significant breakthrough in cancer research. In any case, it may be years before we're ready to start with human subjects.

I could really use your help--I'm still pushing Albert to give you a security clearance so you can join my team. My life completely changed when I came to Raccoon City and met you. Looking back, it seems like I spent my whole life preparing for this job...

Ever since high school, I always knew I'd end up with a career in science. But I never dreamed that it could lead me to someone like you.

Even at BIT, I spent all my time on bio-engineering and the properties of white and red blood cells--work, that I could do for Umbrella.

My doctoral thesis on bio-engineering cures for viral blood infections led to several Presidential appointments, but the government moved too slowly for my taste.

We were always waiting for funding or approval from some bureaucrat. Plus, I hate making speeches and shaking hands.

Getting an offer from Umbrella seemed perfect--it was privately funded and I could continue the research I'd started at BIT. But the best part has turned out to be meeting you.

Dear Ada, May 16, 1998

I'm glad now that I couldn't get you on my team. Things have taken a turn for the worse. The T-Virus has turned subject MA-39 into some kind of monster.

The previous physical deterioration gave way to an unexplained increase in strength and aggression that seems linked to a decrease in brainwave activity. It broke its restraints and escaped from the lab. I pray that it doesn't reach the city.

I seem to be coming down with some kind of flu. Things are so hectic that I don't have time to take care of myself and the MA-39 disaster has me too worried to sleep. I feel run down all the time and my body is beginning to show the results.

Dear Ada, May 31, 1998

I'm scared. Somehow, people in the compound have been exposed to the T-Virus. I don't understand how this could have happened, but it has.

I'm starting to feel paranoid. Have I been infected? Who are the strange men I can feel watching over me? What is the T-002 subject? Have they tricked me into working on some kind of biological weapon?

We're testing everyone in the compound. We'll know the results within a week. I won't be able to live with myself if you've been infected by something I worked on.
I love you,

Dear Ada, June 8, 1998

By the time you hear this, I'll be something... different. Today's test turned out positive, just as I expected.

Ada, you're not infected and I hope you never will be. Take the material in the Visual Data Room and go to the Power Room to operate the Triggering System before you escape. And make all this public through the media.

All the locks can be opened by the security system. You can access the system if you log in with my name from the terminal in the small lab and enter your name as the password. To unlock the door at B2 where the Visual Data Room is located, you'll need to access it with our names first and then enter another password.

I've written the code below. I'm sure you'll understand it easily.

And this is my last hope--if you find me completely changed, please kill me yourself.

Der ADDa, Joon 39, 19998

I sorry. I tri help. I luuv

The story takes place during S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team's investigation of the mansion. It is largely made up of letters from John Fay to Ada Wong, and his own report documents, such as one regarding the creation of a Cerberus test subject. Jill Valentine find him in his room while writing a letter and, almost completely gone, kills him while Wesker watches on the camera system.

"Dangerous Secrets" - Ted Adams

The story is set two days after the Mansion incident, with the four remaining S.T.A.R.S. members discussing the events. It reveals that Umbrella intentionally leaked the T-Virus in the laboratory to test the reaction on human test subjects, all part of their supersoldier project. With the research staff and guards infected, the bio-weapon test subjects were able to escape. With the experiments making their way out of the compound, Albert Wesker was ordered to set up a S.T.A.R.S. team in Raccoon City to counter the threat while also testing the effectiveness of their test subjects. The less-experienced Bravo team being sent in first was all part of the plan.

Barry Burton's sidestory is explained further. While he became aware as Alpha team's second-in-command that Wesker was an Umbrella informant, he was never told that the T-Virus was being developed as a military application, instead believing the lab to have been compromised by (natural) viruses during disease research. Intending to turn Wesker in to the authorities, his family's safety was threatened should he try to intervene in Umbrella's plan. From what Barry could remember about Wesker's research notes that he failed to destroy in the facility, the Arklay team was also working on the "G-Virus". From his understanding, while the T-Virus can only be injected directly into an individual, the G-Virus is spread through general fluidic contact. Barry is also aware that William Birkin is the head of the project, who he describes as "fanatically-dedicated" and will "sacrifice anything to achieve his goals".

Chris receives orders from S.T.A.R.S. headquarters with the suggestion that the Mansion incident is going to be covered up; he becomes concerned as to the four surviving team members' safety. Rebecca and Barry are to be reassigned to other S.T.A.R.S. units, with Chris and Jill pending psychiatric evaluation. Choosing to run away to Europe to investigate Umbrella's headquarters instead, Chris leaves Raccoon City in the hands of officer Leon Kennedy, who has been assigned the S.T.A.R.S. casework. With Leon on his way to the city, Chris becomes concerned about his sister, Claire, who he believes may try to contact him in Raccoon.

The story jokes about the differences between Jill's and Chris' storylines in the first game, with the two characters being confused over the other's story. For instance, Jill being locked in a cell in Chris' story is instead Chris locked in a cell in Jill's story.

"Raccoon City-R.I.P." - Ted Adams

The story begins with a news report regarding the recent Mansion Incident case. Umbrella has succeeded in covering up the event, and Police Chief Brian Irons has confirmed that everything is under control. The spread of the virus through the water supply is also covered up as a false rumour, with the symptoms of viral infection (chronic fatigue; skin irritation) being blamed on a new flu strain. With people being urged to go to their local doctor for help, an infected member of the audience, succumbing to the mental inhibitions of the virus, makes his way to the hospital to see his doctor as advised.

An Umbrella employee working with William Birkin is driving down the road at night, almost running over the man looking for a doctor. Ada Wong runs over to him to get him off the street. Clawing at her, she reveals a handgun and kills him - she too is aware of Dr. Birkin, and wants answers from him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Birkin perfects his G-Virus prototype, declaring the T-Virus research a waste of time. Ada runs into his lab, surprising him - he believed she had already returned to the Chicago facility. Revealing that he is well aware of the viral leak, he considers it to be a proud accomplishment worthy of Ada and John's acknowledgements - he sandpapers over John's death as him simply being "unavailable". While Ada points out that S.T.A.R.S. may proceed with an investigation of the company, he believes his research to be safe from their eyes. They do not know, however, that they are being watched by Ben.

Leaving for Carlos' Bar, Ben warns a the bartender of the zombie virus, but it is passed off as an odd sense of humour. A zombie bursts in through a window at that moment. The bartender reaches for his shotgun and fires at it. Concerned over his safety, Ben runs to the Kendo Gun Shop, hoping to secure a weapon; Jose, a Raccoon Zoo employee, is served with a box of 12-gauge shells by George, who has sold more ammunition today than the rest of the year combined.

With his van out of petrol, Jose is left out in the open in a deserted fuel depot, with the infected fuel attendant lurching towards him. Being attacked, Jose drops his lighter on the floor, igniting leaking fuel and causing the tanks to explode. A nearby truck driver, who has survived the explosion, asks nearby people what happened; they are revealed to be zombies, who proceed to bite him. Elsewhere, Leon is already under attack from the zombies.



  • Jim Lee - cover art
  • Ted Adams - Script writer ("S.T.A.R.S. Files"; "Who Are Those Guys?"; "Raccoon City--R.I.P."); Plot conceptualist ("Dangerous Secrets")
  • Tad Ehrlich - Colorer ("Who Are Those Guys?")
  • Amie Grenier - Letterer ("S.T.A.R.S. Files"; "Who Are Those Guys?"; "Raccoon City - R.I.P.")
  • Armando Durruthy - Assistant inker ("Who Are Those Guys?")
  • Ryan Odagawa - Penciller ("S.T.A.R.S. Files")
  • Mark Irwin - Inker ("S.T.A.R.S. Files"; "Who Are Those Guys?"; "Dangerous Secrets")
  • Carlos D'Anda - Penciller ("Who Are Those Guys?"; "Dangerous Secrets")
  • Kris Oprisko - Script writer ("Dangerous Secrets"; "Raccoon City - R.I.P.")
  • Lee Bermejo - Penciller ("Raccoon City - R.I.P.")
  • John Tighe - Inker ("Raccoon City - R.I.P.")

Further notes

  • Edward Dewey is the only S.T.A.R.S. member not to be mentioned in S.T.A.R.S. Files.
  • A mention of the Raccoon Zoo's electrical grid being damaged later becomes a plot device in Issue #2 in the Kris Oprisko story, "Mutant Menagerie".


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