Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine, Issue #3 was released in September 1998. This issue contains an interview with Shinji Mikami, sandwiching "Danger Island" on either end, with a fan art gallery following after its conclusion. While Claire Redfield is displayed on the cover, she does not actually appear in any of the three stories.


"Wolf Hunt" - Ted Adams

"Raccoon City College is terrorized by a shadowy killer. Can Jill Valentine save the day?"

The story, Wolf Hunt, takes place before the events of the first Resident Evil game.

Three college students -Mike, Raquel, and Michelle- walk past the Raccoon City College Cafeteria while discussing the recent death of a student, Julie on-sight. A fellow student, George, is said to have found her body "all torn up", though the nature of her death is being kept out of the papers. Michelle, who is a New Yorker, tries to put Raquel at ease by trying to portray a homicide as 'no big deal', though she and Mike agree with the police advice of enforcing a curfew. After midnight, Michelle roams the college grounds on her own after a long period of studying at the library, all the while complaining that the place is tight with their money for not spending her $15 grand tuition fees on outside lighting. She is suddenly confronted by some sort of monster, which proceeds to slash at her chest and later 'completely severs' her left arm.

The next day, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Albert Wesker attend a S.T.A.R.S. meeting about the recent killings, which the RPD has given their attention to due to their own lack of experience. Jill is assigned with going undercover as a student. Barry, as the only person allowed to know of Jill's S.T.A.R.S. connections, is to stay in contact with her throughout the investigation and communicate via hidden devices among Jill's person.

Later that day, Raquel begins feeling upset over Michelle's death during a seminar on Lupine plants, and is comforted by Mike. Jill, who is sitting next to Raquel, later introduces herself to the two as a transfer student from Grant University. Mike warns Jill to get a transfer back to Grant University, or at the very least follow the curfew - and especially don't go near the library.

Aware of where Michelle's body was found, Jill hangs around near the library at night. Feeling nervous, she isn't helped at all by a sudden SKREECH! and a loss of contact with Barry. The creature moves close to Jill, whose expertise allow her to flee. Running past the cafeteria, she gives Barry her coordinates over the mic, hoping for him to rush to her aid. She then takes out her Smith & Wesson and fires at what she concludes to be a wolf. Barry catches up after the creature has already died, but starts to see more human-like traits on the wolf - "Didn't you say this thing looked like a wolf? Looks more like a naked weirdo to me."

"Danger Island" - Kris Oprisko

"Paradise turns into a hellish nightmare when the G-virus infects a tropical island."

Stan and his fiancée Leslie are flown to the exclusive island resort on Isla Bonale in the Caribbean as a surprise vacation. After a night of dinner and dancing, the couple prepare for the new day's adventure - snorkelling. While Stan, a "big touch Army guy", shows some concern over the undersea wildlife, he is put to ease by the Jamaican equipment store holder, who confirms that there are no sharks in the area (though there are some "nasty eels"). Jumping in the water, expecting two hours of fun, Stan just misses a damaged plane crash into the hillside. There the little left of the Umbrella-chartered flight, which was transporting B.O.W.s from the European headquarters. The G-Virus is released into the atmosphere, infecting any organism it lands on; the shipment of Lickers also escape.

Two hours later, still in the water, Stan tries to catch up to Leslie while she explores a cave. Scratching his skin on a sharp piece of coral, a ribbon of blood catches the attention of a moray eel. The two get back onto land, finding Ace appearing to be closing shop. He proceeds to attack Leslie, taking a bite out of her, though Stan impales him with a pole. Falling into the water, the zombie Ace is eaten by the Moray eel, which was already close to shore from following Stan.

Stan and Leslie head back to the main building, wanting to complain at the outrage that was the apparent use of drugs on the part of Ace. They see zombified 'big cats' roaming the steps to the building, and head back into the forest, hoping the animals didn't see them. Running to the beach to get kayaks and escape, that option is nullified when the now-mutated moray eel beeches itself and destroys it. Remembering the smell from Stan's wound earlier, it obsessively begins to stalk him.

Running back through the forest, Leslie finds a Blue Herb, which she identifies through her hospital training as Mycanthius mavericus - a powerful antiseptic. In order to stop the eel from tracking them, she suggests rubbing the Blue Herb onto Stan's skin. They are forced to flee right after collecting the herb when an infected Venus fly trap detects their presence. Stan orders Leslie to run for a cliff while he keeps the plant busy. Tangled by its vines, he produces a hidden blade and cuts himself free. Satisfied Leslie has escaped, he catches up. Partway up the cliff, Leslie calls down to Stan, the moray eel has caught up. Stan dislodges a rock during a climb, smashing into the creature.

Reunited with Leslie, he is pointed to a satellite communications facility down below, the plane wreckage can be seen nearby. Stan opts that the two rest on the cliff for now while Leslie applies the herb to his wound, lest the eel attack again. Stan sees a nearby cave and goes in to investigate - it is inhabited by large, mutant lizards. The two jump off the cliff and onto a nearby tree to escape them. After fleeing the creatures, Leslie has a breakdown; while Stan tries to calm her down, saliva lands on his head, revealed soon after to be a Licker, and then another. Standing by the wreckage, the couple is now surrounded, and Stan prepares to fight to the death. The moral eel again shows up, scaring away the Lickers, but Stan yet again puts his life at risk to distract an enemy from his fiancée. Slashed in the abdomen, Stan is brought to his knees from the feeling of being on fire. With the eel walking closer, Stan finds a sharp pole and, with quick thinking, impales the creature with it, though it fails to kill the eel. Injured and feeing, the eel climbs onto unstable wreckage and falls over, finally being killed by a number of metal shard.

Inside the facility, Leslie gets in contact with someone, who asks for her position. Stan arrives and collapses on the bed. He is being treated by her as Dr. William Birkin arrives with a cleanup squad. He reveals that no one else has survived attacks by his "lovelies". While impressed by their survival skills, he kills the two, anyway to cover up the incident.

"Dead Air" - Ted Adams

"In Part One of this continuing story, Chris, Barry, and Jill head to Europe in search of Umbrella HQ."

Taking place sometime after the events of Resident Evil 2, Dead Air is part one in a three-part story arc told over the course of three issues. It is followed by Issue #4's Zombies Abroad and Issue #5's Kane and Abe.

Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton are dispatched by a "top-secret international agency" to search for Umbrella laboratories in Europe - their first mission location is London. Because they are undercover, they are having to go without their S.T.A.R.S. identification, and ride in a commercial flight to avoid standing out. Due to their lack of S.T.A.R.S. identification, they are also unable to bring firearms onto the flight without causing too much attention - Jill hopes Chris' contact can supply them with some once they get into England. Unknown to them, they are being watched by a mysterious man on a cellphone.

As they board, the man tells his equally unknown caller that he has contaminated the airplane's water supply with a fast-acting version of the t-Virus. The plan is to infect the First-class passengers, who would proceed to kill the S.T.A.R.S. agents. Since the pilots get their water from the First-class cabin, they would be infected and the plane will crash into the ocean. Early into the flight, the plan starts moving ahead as a First-class passenger turns into a zombie before the female attendant can give an in-flight tutorial. She flees to the Second-class cabin, with another zombie following closely.

Chris, Jill and Barry leap into action, directing the uninfected to move to the back of the plane. Lacking any firearms, they use a variety of improvised weapons to defend themselves and the other passengers from the undead, as they fight their way through to the First class. Jill manages to kill a zombie by throwing an airline food container. Barry makes a flamethrower out of a can of hairspray and uses it to defend himself. Chris smashes a zombie's skull by throwing a torn-off fire extinguisher nozzle. Jill beats one of the few remaining zombies to death, but is forced to inform Chris and Barry that it was the pilot...


  • Michelle Allen - "Wolf Hunt"
  • Barry Burton - "Wolf Hunt"; "Dead Air"
  • Mike - "Wolf Hunt"
  • Raquel - "Wolf Hunt"
  • Jill Valentine - "Wolfhunt"; "Dead Air"
  • Albert Wesker - "Wolfhunt"
  • Ace - "Danger Island"
  • William Birkin - Danger Island"
  • Leslie - "Danger Island"
  • Stan - "Danger Island"
  • Chris Redfield - "Dead Air"
  • Umbrella Agent - An unknown man with a cellphone who reports directly to Umbrella - "Dead Air"
  • First Class Passenger - A rude older man in first class who becomes the first zombie - "Dead Air"
  • First Class Stewardess - A concerned woman who checks on the infected passengers and flees to the back of the plane - "Dead Air"
  • Pilot - The plane's pilot, who becomes a zombie and is killed by Jill - "Dead Air"

Cast and crew

  • Jim Lee - Cover art
  • Ryan Odagawa - Penciller ("Wolf Hunt")
  • John Tighe - Inker ("Wolf Hunt"; "Danger Island'")
  • Ted Adams - Script writer ("Wolf Hunt"; "Dead Air")
  • Kris Oprisko - Script writer ("Danger Island'")
  • Lee Bermejo - Pencillor ("Danger Island'")
  • Mark Irwin - Inker ("Wolf Hunt"; "Danger Island'"; "Dead Air")
  • Carlos D'Anda - Penciller ("Dead Air")

Further notes

  • Umbrella is shown to possess multiple samples of the G-virus, meaning the story can only take place after the events of Resident Evil 2, yet Birkin is shown to be alive, well, and in good enough standing within the Umbrella ranks to personally lead the containment team. It is also one of the many comics to erroneously attribute t-Virus effects to the G-virus, such as saying the Lickers are G-virus creatures as well as depicting the G-virus turning people into zombies, instead of mutating the way Birkin did in Resident Evil 2.


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