Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine, Issue #4 was released in December 1998.


"Night Stalkers" - Kris Oprisko

"In the sleepy, southerwestern town of Saguaro Wells, terror seems as remote as the ocean. When zombie bats begin to terrorize the populce, Leon Kennedy is called in. But is he truly prepared for the horror in the desert?"
Nightstalkers title

Leon Kennedy, under the employment of the United States government following the destruction of Raccoon City, is summoned to the small town of Saguaro Wells by the local sheriff, after the locals reported being attacked by giant, humanoid bats. Deeper examination leads Leon to a secret Umbrella research lab located outside of town, headed by the mad Dr. Callos. Callos is using the G-Virus in his experiments to mutate people into humanoid bats, which he controls with a sonar device. Leon, after surviving an attack by the bats, infiltrates the lab but is captured by Umbrella guards. During the impending skirmish, Leon strikes the sonar device, inadvertently calling the bats back to the lab (his current location). When the bats arrive, Leon proceeds to destroy the device beyond repair. This severs Callos's control over the bats, which turn on and kill the Umbrella scientists. Leon escapes just as the United States military destroys the lab with a missile strike.

"Special Delivery" - Marc Mostman

"Umbrella delivers mind-numbing horror to its enemies with stunning efficiency. One by one, the evil corporation's monstrous creations are dropped into some very unsuspecting laps from the unfriendly skies above!"

Set during the events of Resident Evil 2, it chronicles the voyage of the Umbrella helicopter which drops off a Mr. X at the RPD. Upon dropping off the "one bad mother," the unnamed pilot and co-pilot proceed to various other locales in and around Raccoon City, dropping off different monsters for various purposes, mostly to eliminate competitors of Umbrella. A "pulp spore" (a kind of plant creature) is dropped off at the headquarters of Frisson Chemicals, and a Tyrant with a bomb strapped to his waist at a mine which is actually a secret lab belonging to still another Umbrella competitor. The pilots jovially refers to themselves as "the delivery boys of certain doom."

After dropping off the Tyrant at the mine, they read their manifest which orders them to deactivate the remaining canister they are carrying and then return to base. In doing so, however, they unleash its contents: an unnamed reptilian monster with tentacles. The creature bursts through the floor of the helicopter, and attacks the men. The co-pilot, while attempting to shoot it, notes that it is apparently trying to speak to them. It then rams a tentacle into the co-pilot's chest, killing him. Another tentacle wraps around the pilot's throat and strangles him. As he fights with the monster, the helicopter flies out of control and begins to crash, and the monster's words finally become clear: "Noooooo loooooose ennnnnnnnddddsss!"

"Zombies Abroad" - Ted Adams

"The S.T.A.R.S. team tries a crash landing in Europe. But what horror will be waiting for them when - and if - they land? The continuation of last issue's "Dead Air" story!"

Zombies Abroad directly follows the events of Issue #3's Dead Air. It is followed by the third and final part of the story, Kane and Abe, which is in Issue #5.

Jill Valentine stares at the corpse of the zombified pilot and realizes no one is flying the plane. While she and Barry Burton deal with the remaining zombies Chris Redfield goes up to the cockpit, where he uses his Air Force pilot's training to successfully pull the plane out of a dive and land it. Afterward the three are met by their government contact, a man named Falcon, who reminds them of their mission to find Umbrella labs in Europe.

The three S.T.A.R.S. members proceed to the Old World without further interference from Umbrella's agents, although they find the various countries of Europe suffering from (apparently minor) outbreaks of the t-Virus. At the Tower of London , Chris and Jill slay two zombies dressed in Royal Guard uniforms, while Barry kills a zombie in Westminster Abbey (dubbing himself "Knight of the Zombie Killers"). The three regroup at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and encounter more zombies there. Then it is on to France, where they face and defeat more zombies at the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre , and the De Gooyer Windmill in Amsterdam and an Oktoberfest celebration in Munich.

Afterwards their search finally ends at Queck Castle in Fussen. They split up and begin exploring the castle. In a torture chamber, Jill finds a photograph of two men, Kane and Abe, a pair of identical twins who work as scientists for Umbrella. In the armory, Chris discovers that someone has switched the helmets of two suits of armor. In replacing them, he notices that one's shield says "Kane T Virus" on it. Replacing that one's helmet opens a secret passage. Elsewhere Barry finds the study belonging to the brother named Abe, which has a pipe organ in it. Playing the organ opens a secret compartment, disorging Abe's diary, which Barry reads.

The diary details how Abe's twin brother Kane "injected himself," and began mutating. Abe frantically details his quest to find an antidote. Precisely what Kane injected himself with, the diary doesn't say. Suddenly things begn goinry awry for the separated S.T.A.R.S. members. Back in the torture chamber, Jill finds herself surrounded by giant rats, while in the armory, Chris is severely worried to discover the suits of armor are coming to life. Barry meanwhile has left Abe's study to be confronted by a zombie that is nothing but sinew and bones...



  • Kris Oprisko - Script writer ("Night Stalkers")
  • Rafael Kayanan - Penciller ("Night Stalkers")
  • Marc Mostman - Script writer ("Special Delivery")
  • Ryan Odagawa - Penciller ("Special Delivery")
  • John Tighe - Inker ("Special Delivery")
  • Ted Adams - Script writer ("Zombies Abroad")
  • Norman Felchle - Art ("Zombies Abroad")


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