Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 1 is the fourteenth comic book based on the franchise released by WildStorm. With a cover date reading "May", the issue was actually published in March 2009.[1]

"One If By Land, Two If By Space..."

"This comic is based upon an original story by WildStorm and is not part of the official recognized Resident Evl canon as created and established by Capcom."
— Disclaimer during the 'Interval'
Resident Evil 2 Issue 1 - page 6

Mina can fire on board a space station with a special gun that simply can't cause explosive decompression.

At the Issue's beginning, we see a space shuttle departing from the earth. Through captions, we are explained the backstory. Five days prior to the story's present, the US President had a meeting with an unknown individual regarding a recent situation. Ten days prior to their meeting, Dr. Omle of the Joint Nations Space Research Station reported his suspicions that bio-weapons research was taking place there. The US requested UN investigation, and they provided BSAA agent Mina Gere, a former US marine and member of the American space program. They lost contact with Mina three days before the meeting.

The story continues on with the Mina story - seven days before the Present, the space shuttle Wayfarer is launched on a standard supply run to the station, carrying Mina inside a smaller vessel docked in its cargo bay. With Mina's ship launching, she pilots it to the space station. Suddenly unable to get in contact with the station, so goes through the docking procedure on her own and board the station.

Entering the station, Mina reports to Wayfarer the presence of a Hydrogen leak. She suspects there to be a problem with the "water-to-air processing system", but confirms the air to be breathable (though doesn't take off her helmet). The station's power is on reserve battery, so lights are not powered. A Licker approaches her from behind. When it makes itself known, she stabs it in the throat and then shoots it in the face. Reporting the B.O.W. to the Wayfarer, she is at first berated for firing a gun on a space station. She explains that this is a special gun that doesn't risk explosive decompression, so it's okay.

Back on the space station, Mina continues her investigation. She has found a zombified researcher who was infected with the t-Virus. Since there has now been a loss of contact for three days, she concludes everyone to be infected, and is ordered by the BSAA (via Wayfarer) to eliminate the zombies and B.O.W.s. With the researcher taken care of, Mina is now given the order to get the computer system back up. She begins to access Dr. Omle's files on his Macintosh, which reveals he found that someone had exposed "Cnidaria" samples to the t-Virus. Looking further through the files, she finds that G-Virus samples were being tested on its exposure to cosmic rays onboard satellite (the t-Virus was also exposed in a similar way). She alerts the existence of a satellite to Wayfarer and goes to the deployment bay to see if it returned. When she arrives there, she confirms that it has not yet arrived. Finding a terminal, she gives Wayfarer the satellite's current location, and they set off on new orbit to intercept it.

Mina is attacked by a long, serpentine organism and makes a run for it. Heading into the laboratory, she discovers the central mass of the tentacled organism, which has consumed some of the researchers.

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 1 - page 11

Sugarman's team is wiped out within minutes.

In the Present, Holiday Sugarman leads the BSAA Alpha Team over Grezbekistani airspace; Bravo Team follows. He re-briefs them on the mission: locate a downed satellite and sterilise the surrounding area of B.O.W.s. Since Grezbekistan doesn't recognise the UN, he warns them to expect their regular army (and militia) to fight, and should be killed. With five minutes to go before the drop, he begins quoting from the Iron Heroes song "Death's Road Crew".

When at the drop-off point, they realise too late that it is too small for both helicopters to land simultaneously, so the order is given for 'Roadie Two' to drop off Bravo Team first. The militias begin firing, 'Roadie One'. Holiday bails out of 'Two' just before it crashes in a fiery explosion. Bravo radios in to Holiday. With everyone on the ground, 'Roadie Two' sets off; its Pilot informs them it will meet them at "Waypoint Apple".

Holiday orders his men to head out on their mission while he attends to Denton's fractured leg. As they can't get a medic in, he has Denton splinter his fracture. They hear gunshots in the distance - Holiday radios in to anyone on either team. One of the men responds, explaining that they are under attack by unclassified bio-weapons which took them by surprise. They quickly flood the area and start eating the soldiers.

Back in Grezbekistan, Holiday watches Alpha and Bravo teams get killed by the zombies. Throwing a beltful of grenades, he attempts to clear the area so they didn't die in vain. He goes on the run from the creatures, and is denied a pick-up from 'Roadie Two'.



  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Penciller)
  • Ray Snyder (Inker)
  • Rick Ketcham (Inker)
  • Nathan Massengill (Inker)
  • Cliff Rathburn (Inker)
  • Jim Clark (Inker)
  • Marc Deering (Inker)
  • Wes Hartman (Cover colorer)
  • Brandon Badeaux (Alternate cover design)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Lettering)
  • Milen Parynoy (Colorist)
  • Kristy Quinn (Assistant editor)


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