Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 1 is the fifteenth comic book based on the franchise released by WildStorm. It was published in May 2009.[1]

"Dirty Jobs"

Five days into the outbreak on the Joint Nations Space Research Station, BSAA agent Mina Gere has arrived and made contact with the deadly new bio-weapon, Hydra. She reports it as a "problem" to her space shuttle, Wayfarer, though refuses to answer their calls while she fires at it with her magnum, going as far as to tell them to stop.

Moving through a corridor, Mina spies a pool of blood. Moving over to investigate, a zombie moves in on her from the corner. Mina is not so naive, and turns to stab it in the stomach. Mina informs the Wayfarer of the situation regarding the Hydra - it is a new form of Bio Organic Weapon not encountered before, and presumably the source of the outbreak. With information relayed between Mina and the BSAA headquarters, the Wayfarer crewman reports that the BSAA is unfamiliar with the B.O.W. based her camera feed.

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 2 - Mina Gere

Mina Gere fights her way though the crew accommodation area.

Mina reports back through Wayfarer her concerns that the lack of gravity could make B.O.W. development easier and organisms capable of surviving in vacuum may develop - Wayfarer reports back that her audio feed is also being transmitted to headquarters automatically. Mina asks for permission to eradicate the infestation by destroying the station, if necessary. Mina inquires as to which hatch the "life support hatch" is - she is informed it is the "one on the right". The other, she is told, leads to the crew accommodation. Mina inquires about her permissions - the BSAA has given her authorization to do as she sees fit. She promptly comes up with a plan involving the cooling system; nuclear power, and an electromagnetic pulse.

Due to the dangers, Wayfarer must leave. Asking for the closest way to the airlock when needed, the Wayfarer crew answer that she can find it through the crew accommodation area. Mina adds her intention to use the ventilation system to make the station's destruction complete (should any B.O.W. be spaceborne). As the Wayfarer activates its engines, Mina discharges the Hydrogen refrigerant and heads off for the airlock. Moving through the crew accomidation, Mina stumbles onto the infected crew, whose skins have all turned pink. She shoots one in the head and stabs another in the eye before ejecting herself into space with an EVA unit.

The space station's explosion can be seen by South American tribesmen in an isolated part of Brazil. Mina safely escapes the debris field and change course for the Wayfarer. Floating back, she jokes that a public relations office must be invented to deal with the events on the space station, but is unable to get a good signal from the shuttle for a time. As it gets nearer, they are able to talk to one another - a crewman jokes that they must get back now because a US Senator wants to get his picture taken with them. In a call with the President, Mina informs him that they have detected a bio-weapons satellite and that the US Air Force has been scrambled to shoot it down. The President reminds the crew not to let any surviving (spaceborne) B.O.W.s land in Montana, later shifting to more serious matters in that he must consult his cabinet with how to handle such an international situation.


Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 2 - Holiday Sugarman

Holiday Sugarman stabs a G- creature.

Back to the 'present', BSAA Agent Holiday Sugarman is exploring the nation of Grezbekistan, being stalked by G-Virus-infected creatures. Moving into a cave overlooking, he recovers a weapon and some ammunition from a box. Before setting off to fight the creatures, he examines an alcoholic bottle. Hoping it is real and not fermented goatmilk stored by local militiamen, he turns it into a Molotov cocktail and tosses it at the deformed creautres. One reature is hit directly, causing it to mutate into a more powerful creature, as the other infected climb a small cliff up to him. Holiday opens another box, very conveniently containing a rocket launcher. With the rocket launcher now useless, he is left with stabbing wildly at the creatures - he jumps off the cliff and lands with his lucky knife embeded within a creature's brain.

As Sugarman receives an interesting piece of information implying a link with "Geisel Industries" to the outbreak. With his work finished, 'Roadie Two' is authorized to extract him and Denton. He heads back to his BSAA partner, giving him the good news. The helicopter arrives for extraction as Holiday burns the corpses.


  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Penciller)
  • Milen Parvanov (Cover colorer)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Lettering)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Coloring)
  • Jim Clark (Coloring)


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