Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue #3 was a comic published by WildStorm in November 2009. It was the third part of their third series of Resident Evil comics, and was a tie-in to Resident Evil 5.[1]


"If You Meet The Zombie On The Road..."

The issue opens up with Mina Gere and her partner, Cruz exploring the nation of Übelandia, in the Camino Alto region along the Urador border as they head to the Geisel estate. They have traveled through four separate villages that have been inexplicably abandoned. Cruz has been to this village before; it was thriving then.

Mina requests that BSAA HQ put her through to Branch Commander Espinoza, while her partner goes to check a church. When Espinoza gets in contact, she asks for intel regarding the villages' evacuations, but he leaves when Cruz brings up that he has found a survivor.

A girl sets in the corner of the church. Cruz tries to talk to her in Spanish, though she ignores him. Mina tries, instead, complementing her stuffed rabbit, which works. She hears a helicopter outside, so the two investigate. An infected rat sits in the corner of the room, watching.

Outside, two black helicopters dump zombies from crates and nets. The two BSAA SOAs fight to the jeep. Mina sits the girl in the jeep and continues fighting the zombies off. BSAA headquarters doesn't want them wasting their time with forty zombies, and orders them to retreat.

Back at BSAA HQ in England, Holiday Sugarman is welcomes back, and explains that, according to the BSAA researchers, killing the G-Prime automatically killed the other G organisms under its control. The training of a new team is put on hold so Holiday can assist in Übelandia. He is not interested in taking part on another assignment so easily, and requests the BSAA send in McGoohan, instead. He is reminded that Geisel Industries, the designers of the crashed satellite in Grezbekistan also tried to overthrow the Puñalanda Island government in 1999, which Holiday was attempting to rebuild. They can't prove that Geisel Industries was behind the incident on the space station or the satellite crash, which is why they want Holiday to investigate. He is informed about Mina, who was sent to interview the company's CEO, Fritz Geisel at his estate - she is his new partner for the mission.

Resident Evil 2 Issue 3 - page 10

Cruz is bit.

At the BSAA base in Übelandia, a Special Operations Unit is readied upon Mina's return. Uninterested in filing a report, she asks for a helicopter and two SOUs to be readied so she can "bring in" Geisel. Mina is informed that she is no longer in charge of the investigation; instead, that will be her new partner's duty. The girl reveals herself as a zombie and bites into Cruz's arm. Though the zombie is dealt with, Cruz requires vaccination for his infection, and a sample is sent in. The base commander uses the dead girl as a reason why Mina needs an experienced partner like Holiday Sugarman. Upon Sugarman's arrival, he organizes the SOUs and they set off.

En route to the compound, Mina debriefs Sugarman. Übelandia and Urador have been engaged in border conflicts for a decade. Eighteen hours ago, t-based B.O.W.s were deployed onto the Übelandian side of the border. Sugarman hypothesises that Übelandia may have intentionally released bio-weapons in its own borders to seek sympathy ahead of an invasion of Urador. A second hypothesis raised is that Geisel Industries is working to undermine both nations' governments.

The BSAA jeep is forced to stop along the forest road when a large force of zombies walks their way. Each one carries a device implanted into their heads. The zombies move closer, and tear apart one of the SOUs. Sugarman fires at the jeep's gas tank, destroying the zombies in a large explosion - Mina explains that the jeep was destroyed by his Grenade Launcher due to his use of a "depleted uranium armor piercing casing with a high-energy explosive core on a short delay".

Mina radios in to HQ and asks for a helicopter to be dispatched to replace their destroyed jeep. They are turned down, as their helicopters are presently engaged. Sugarman claims to feel "naked" with just a pistol left; his equipment having been destroyed with the jeep. Mina advises that Ramirez had a spare combat shotgun.

HOLIDAY SUGARMAN: Special Operations Agent

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 3 - page 21

Holiday used to be a teacher.

Holiday is the oldest son of British naval Commander, Coglin Sugarman, who encouraged his son to study arts and humanities along with seeking military service. Sugarman moved overseas to Puñalanda Island as a teacher, got married and fathered a daughter, Summer. When a local warlord took him and all men in the area who were over twelve years old, he led a slave revolt outside the diamond mines. Wanting his family to be safe while he lead a pro-democracy revolution, he sent them to live in Raccoon City.


  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Al Barrionuevo (Penciller)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Penciller)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Penciller)
  • Milen Parvanov (Cover colorer)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Letterer)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Colorer)
  • Jim Clark (Colorer)


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