Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue #4 was a comic published by WildStorm in March 2010. It is the fourth part of their fourth series of Resident Evil comics, and was a tie-in to Resident Evil 5.[1]


"Ich Bin Ein Schlechtes Genie..."

Resident Evil 2 Issue 4 - pages 6 and 7

The vines attack.

The BSAA agents reach Fritz Giesel's Übelandian estate. Holiday Sugarman suggests simply destroying the front gate with C4, though Mina Gere reminds him that Fritz is simply under investigation. Neuermann Giesel, Fritz's nephew, answers the bell from a security room, and informs them that Fritz hasn't been at home for months. Sugarman doesn't take kindly to Neuermann's suggestions that they leave, and threatens to use C4. Mina convinces him to let them through to search for bio-weapons.

Neuermann shows the BSAA around the 1946 mansion, including a wine room; a disco and a large greenhouse where orchids are grown. Mina asks Neuermann how long Fritz has been away; he replies five years. An SOU member goes to a plant to better look at it; Neuermann suggests he get closer, and it stabs him in the shoulder. The other plants all come to life and attack the team, and a helicopter drops Eliminators and zombies though the roof.

The remains of the unit escape form the greenhouse and try to contact HQ, finding that they are being jammed. Sugarman gives them orders to form cover around the door while they await the creatures' attack - Barkin and Vallejo are to stand at the two and ten o'clock positions, while the others will stand in the centre. Since they lost their grenade launchers earlier, Sugarman searches for explosive substances in the shed; he finds some gasoline and manure right as the zombies begin tearing through the door. The BSAA kill the creatures in the greenhouse, though they expect more to be around the mansion.

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 4 - page 15

The Ubersoldat

Neuermann congratulates them for their success, saying that he had hoped they wouldn't be killed so soon. Sugarman orders Barkin to 'fire up' the doorway with her flamethrower. While she destroys many zombies, the Übersoldat, a Tyrant wearing a gas mask walks through the flames to the group. Sugarman has Mina throw the explosive bag he made. It forces the Tyrant to mutate; Mina takes Sugarman's small knife and tears the creature open. Sugarman is confused as to how easy the Tyrant died; Mina doesn't even think it should have begun the "R" transformation so soon, and deems it weaker than Umbrella's own models.

Watching the BSAA survivors on his security camera, Neuermann informs his accomplice, Hundin, that the "Übersoldat" prototype would need more work before the product is to go into production. With the radios still jammed, Mina decides to go with Lupo to the security room, while Sugarman's group goes looking for Giesel.

MINA GERE: Special Operations Agent

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 4 - page 21

Agent Gere's backstory is explained in this short story. Over a ten-year period between her 6th and 16th birthdays, Mina had successfully hacked into dozens of secure servers, and listed her school Principal on the FBI's Most Wanted list as an April Fool's prank. She spent her 17th birthday in jail, but was given the chance to work for the government to end her sentence. Joining the US Marine Corps, her "versatility" allowed her to join an experimental space combat unit, and was later moved to the Bioweapon Joint Task Force (the precursor to the BSAA), where her first mission was the J.N.S.S. Incident.


  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Al Barrionuevo (Penciller)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Penciller)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Letterer)
  • Trevor Scott (Colorer)
  • Robert K. Washington III (Colorer)
  • Kevin Sharpe (Colorer)
  • Tony Avina (Colorer)


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