Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue #5 is a comic published by WildStorm in June 2010. It is the fifth part of their fourth series of Resident Evil comics, and was a tie-in to Resident Evil 5.[1]


"The Bio-Weapons of Urador"

Mina Gere and Lupo continue on their way to the security/comms. room, fighting Hunters on their way. Holiday Sugarman reports that Neuermann Giesel has escaped from the compound by plane, and orders his team to meet up with the two women in the comms. room. Mina is told to request that HQ satellite-track the plane as soon as contact is raised.

When Sugarman's team arrives, they find that Gere has finished hacking into the mainframe, which contains schematics for a bio-weapons manufacturing depot in Urador. The village attacks are revealed to have been a demonstration piece for Urador's fascist dictator, Del Valle. The depot has been hidden underneath an old ziggurat.

With Giesel's path confirmed to be heading to the ziggurat, Holiday gets in contact with Branch Commander Espinoza, requesting for a helicopter and SOU reinforcements. His request is denied once more; the situation outside the compound has become too difficult for the BSAA to offer assistance. There are hundreds of zombies pouring out of the jungle. Once the ziggurat has been secured, the nearby BSAA base reluctantly decides to airdrop supplies. A two-page spread shows that the entire base's complement is evacuating civilians out of at least six separate villages under attack from zombies.

Mina informs Sugarman that she has found something new while they prepare to leave. She reads on the terminal that Neuermann was developing t-Virus-based gene therapy to increase regenerative capabilities. She believes now that Neuerman is actually Fritz Giesel, and that he used the gene therapy to regain his youthful body. With a vehicle secured for use, and HQ finding the ziggurat, Holiday orders Mina and Lupo to meet up with the team outside the garage. Arriving at the truck, Mina informs Holiday that Rizzo has dug up his "special request", which he keeps quiet.

As the team drives to the Urador border, Mina explains the purpose of the strange implants they found on the zombies which were attacking the villages. They are "safety devices" that will go off if the bio-weapons become too much of a threat. Holiday orders Vallejo to drive to a green plume of smoke, which he expects to be the site of a supply drop.

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 5 - page 20

They are now some 50 kilometers inside Urador; the supplies they recovered consisted of explosives and ammunition. Sugarman formulates a plan. All five surviving team members will share the explosives and arm the charges when they get inside the ziggurat; they will have to capture Giesel and escape within forty minutes. Lupo's sniper qualifications are brought up, and another team member's demolition's expertise is raised.

Reaching the ziggurat, Lupo begins sniping Hunters and Cerberuses. With the B.O.W.s eliminated, the five move in, following a number of cars into an underground garage. They discover General Del Valle preparing a business meeting with Giesel. Holiday follows the General down a corridor, but realises too late that it is a trapm and he is attacked by Giesel.

"Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance"

In this short story, the BSAA's existence is explained. When the US government was forced to use a strategic missile to end the viral outbreak in Raccoon City, an investigation was launched into the Umbrella Corporation. The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium was also hit hard; since Umbrella was a board member, the entire consortium's company members were vilified by the public. Facing bankruptcy, they aided in the prosecution of Umbrella.

When Umbrella was shut down, their bio-weapons flooded into the hands of bio-terrorists; guerrilla fighters and rogue nations through the black market. The Consortium set up a counter-bioterrorism unit in response. Under international pressure, this unit was re-formed as the 'BSAA', under UN-control.


  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Al Barrionuevo (Penciller)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Penciller)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Letterer)
  • Tony Avina (Colorer)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Colorer)


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